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Senior soccer captain excels on and off field, shares passion for sports

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Senior Jacob Scully is a first year FCS student.

Moving from Storm Lake, Iowa to Fresno, California, and arriving just before the start of the school year, senior Jacob Scully, captain of the boys soccer team enjoys his last year of playing high school soccer.

Scully began playing sports at six years old. He participated in multiple youth sports growing up, but continues to play soccer his senior year. Scully began an interest in soccer during first grade and continued to pursue the sport through high school, making the varsity team as a freshman on his old school’s Division I team. 

Scully shares his love for the sport and his favorite memory at a soccer tournament with his teammates.

“I love soccer because it is unlike any sport,” Scully said. “There are little stoppages during the game and it is the most internationally popular and ultimate team sport. My favorite part about soccer is the creative aspect of the game. This can comprise of finding your teammates, playing the ball into dangerous areas, and attacking the defense through intricate plays.

“My favorite memory would have to have been playing in the Iowa state tournament last year,” Scully continued. “Even though we came out as runners up, the memories that were made at the tournament were unforgettable.”

When Scully is not on the field, you can find him doodling, sketching, or watching sports. Scully’s favorite soccer player to watch is Kevin De Bruyne, a midfielder from Manchester City. 

Director of athletics at FCS Jonathan Penberthy shares what he sees on the field as Scully leads the team in the midfield position.

“Leadership is what stands out the most,” Penberthey said. “He is very unselfish and controls the game. He’s been a great addition to the school.”

In the following podcast, Annabelle Messer interviews Ellen Scully as she explains how her brother sets an example as the oldest of their family.

Scully’s passion for soccer shows on the field, as his parents have witnessed. His father, Dale Scully, shares a memory of his son losing a game as a kid, and the expectations he has for Scully on and off the field.

“When he was young, he’d get so upset when he’d lose,” Dale said. “Not mad, but sad.  You could read it all over him. When he got to high school (his junior year), he was able to hit the game-winning goal against another highly ranked team with 6 seconds left on the clock.  That was a pretty special moment.”

Annabelle Messer | The Feather Online

Jacob Scully, ’19, began playing soccer in first grade.

Scully participated in many Fresno Christian events during first semester, including Sadies and the senior retreat at Hume Lake. He experiences the difference between a private school and a public school while many of the activities are new to him. Making friends and connecting with others came easy because of the small school environment.

Teammate and friend of Scully, junior Angel Ruelas explains how the dynamic of the team will change and how the captain plays a big role in the midfield. When Scully graduates, Ruelas will miss the talent he brings to the team’s midfield. He hopes Scully will continue to play in college.

“Jacob is a very emotional player,” Ruelas said. “He brings a drive to the field and motivates the team to play at a level he knows we’re capable of. He’s a great captain and I enjoy playing alongside him in the midfield.  Personally, Scully and I have gotten close.”

The following tweet shows the outcome of the boys soccer team after versing Riverdale high school.

College comes around the corner for the seniors including Scully, as he reviews where he has been accepted and makes major decisions to impact his future. He applied to six Division III and NAIA schools to continue his soccer career.

Scully explains what he will miss from his high school career and what he enjoyed most this season at FCS.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Captain Jacob Scully dribbling and looking for a pass during a home soccer game, Jan. 9, 2019.

“The one thing that I will miss the most from high school soccer is the group of guys that I’ve been able to get to know,” Scully said. “It has been a great season, and I have really enjoyed my time with this team on and off the field.”

As chapters end and new ones begin, Dale shares his excitement for Scully and what comes next.

“I can’t wait to see where he goes next and how he takes on new challenges,” Dale said. “I hope he has another great four years of school and soccer. I hope to ultimately see him use his God-given skills and abilities to love others well and be the hands and feet of Christ wherever he goes and whatever he does.”

Whether on the field or pouring over a sketchbook, Scully strives to serve others and glorify God through his gifts. He looks forward to the fall semester and opportunities to play soccer with a college level team.

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