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Cheer squad places fourth in Clovis Pep Classic

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

The campus cheer team performs a stunt during their routine at the Clovis Pep Classic, Jan. 26.

Competing in last weeks 43rd annual Clovis Pep Classic, Fresno Christian High School’s cheer team prepares for this weekends FCC West Coast National Championships, Feb. 1. In their biggest performance of the year, the competition will take place at Azusa Pacific University, Feb. 2.

In the Clovis Pep Classic, coach Hope Villines believes her team made major improvements on their stunts, Jan. 26. She feels her team possesses the ability to pull in all of the aspects of their routine in time for the National Championships.

In the previous competition, the cheer squad earned a fourth place ranking. Villines believes in her squad’s ability to improve the routine and rank higher in the Nationals. She feels the routine looked more improved during practice and believes they will come out strong at the National Championships.

“Have we seen them do better? Yes,” Villines said. “But I will tell you on a morning like today, I could not be more proud of them. We made a lot of improvements as far as our stunt team and hitting our stunts and right now we just need to pull it all together. I have no doubt that next week at the West Coast National Championships they’re going to do just that.”

The following podcast features Villines discussing the team’s Clovis Pep Classic performance.

While competing in the Varsity Intermediate division, the campus cheer team performed against local high schools. The teams in this division include Clovis East, Clovis North, Clovis High and Sanger. Out of these schools, the FC cheer team earned fourth place out of five in the contest.

Now according to Villines, the team prepares for their most significant performance of the year during a week of preparation for the National Championships. Senior cheer captain Amanda Grimmius, ‘19, believes that the improvements needed will turn out to be minor fixes in the routine.

“I think we can definitely improve our timing and stunts,” Grimmius said. “I know that they are very minor changes but we can do it and lock in for an amazing routine next week.”

The campus cheer team performs in the 43rd annual Clovis Pep Classic in the Varsity Intermediate category at Clovis High, Jan. 26.

Before the next competition, Villines is confident that they can come out strong for the championship. A few of the tasks faced for the coaching staff include perfecting the timing and execution of the routine. She feels that her team possesses the capability of performing their best routine. Despite a few miscues, she believes her team will move on from that and come out strong.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

In the competition, the cheer team earned a fourth place rank for their performance.

“So before next week we have to make sure that our timing and our execution is right on point,” Villines said. “The coaches and I have so much faith in this team and I believe without a shadow of a doubt that they’re going to come out strong. I’m extremely proud of them. We had a couple of wobbles but other than that I am extremely confident heading into next week’s competition.”

The Fresno Christian High School cheer team competes in the West Coast National Championships at Azusa Pacific, Feb. 2. The high school cheer team performs at 1:25 p.m., per the competition scheduling. The JH team is also competing and will begin at 11:30 a.m.

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