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Senior basketball player enters campus group of record holders

The campus girls basketball team beat Summit Charter, 63-33, Jan. 29. During the third quarter, senior Macie Thompson scored her 1,004th point of her high school basketball career. Thompson joins Kara Torchia (Ettner), ’02, and Larissa Hensley, ’09, as the only girls in school history to earn 1,000 career points.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Macie Thompson ’18 about to take a shot during a varsity girls basketball game.

In addition to being a captain on the team and an FC lifer, Thompson sings on the worship team and ensemble. She also serves as an older sister for the campus’ Sister-to-Sister program and co-leads T.E.A. Talks. Except for 7th grade, due to a broken arm, Thompson has been playing the game of basketball since 5th grade.

Thompson scored 170 points as a freshman, but only heard about the record as a junior. She says that reaching the milestone was a relief.

“I had no idea when I scored 1,000 points,” Thompson said. “Not until I was taken out of the game for a breather! When I did find out, I felt very happy and relieved because I had felt a lot of pressure about it. My motivation was being able to achieve all my goals.”

Winning eight out of nine games this January, the team works together to achieve their goals. In addition to scoring her 1,000th point, Thompson shares her other highlights and struggles of this season.

“I have loved being a captain this year,” Thompson continued, “and am really happy with how my last year of playing has gone. We all got along well and played as hard as we could. I think the hardest was when our senior players would leave after they graduated and then learning to pick up what we needed after they left.”

Thompson made a rebound put-back for her 1,000th point. The Feather Online tweeted about her record achievement.

Girls basketball coach Robert Foshee has been coaching Thompson for five years, from eighth grade through all four years of high school. Foshee watched the team grow and has seen Thompson’s leadership benefit the team.

“Macie allows her faith to go through all parts of her life,” Foshee said. “Whether it’s on worship team, in class, or on the basketball team. She has joy and brings that to the team when she comes on the court. I think it’s great that she scored her 1,000th point because I think our team has been homegrown and these kids have been in the program for a long time.”

“Her getting a career mark is pretty cool,” Foshee continued. “It not only shows what she’s invested in, but what her teammates have done to help her, since you can’t score 1,000 points by yourself. I think she can keep improving and learning about fighting through fouling [calls] and having a few injuries that she’s fought through.”

In the following video, ABC30’s Stephen Hicks interviews senior Macie Thompson and coach Robert Foshee.

Teammate Hannah Van Noy, ‘21, shares what her experience playing on a team with Thompson. Van Noy says Thompson provides guidance when learning plays and in games. 

“Macie is an amazing player and a great leader on our team,” Van Noy said. “She comes to practice with a smile and is always willing to help others out. She explained plays and does not run out of patience. She is an amazing player on and off the court.”

Thompson’s favorite thing about playing basketball is all of the friendships she has made. To find her on the court, look for No. 11. 

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

FC lifer Macie Thompson finishes her seventh year of playing basketball. In addition to hitting the 1,000 point mark, she has scored as many as 32 points in one game.

Thompson’s mother, Dawn, attends every game, including away competition. She shares her reaction of when her daughter made the thousandth point.

“I was so excited to be able to be there the night she hit 1,000,” Dawn said. “We are so proud of her hard work. Besides watching Macie play, my favorite part is actually watching her cheer on her team and friends. She truly gets excited to see her team succeed.”

Thompson finishes her last year on the basketball team and looks forward to a potential career in business and marketing. As she looks on to the next chapter in her life, she values the experiences and friendships she made through playing on the basketball team.

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