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Ingerson shares different styles of soccer game play between states

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Ingerson, No. 9, position on the field ranges from center defender to center midfield.

The FC girls soccer program is heading into the postseason with a comfortable playoff spot this season. Last year, the girls fell just short of a Valley Championship and are looking to head back to the championship game with a different outcome.

I was able to catch up with junior Deborah Ingerson. Ingerson is not originally from California, so the play style out west is differs from in Louisiana, her previous home state. Ingerson explains the difference in game play between Louisiana and California.

“I moved from a town called Shreveport, Louisiana,” Ingerson said. “It’s half the size of Fresno. It’s small, but still pretty big. We’re right on the border of Texas and Louisiana so Dallas is only about three hours away and Lafayette is only an hour away.

“I played competitive soccer back in Louisiana and for school, I’ve played since I was five,” Ingerson continued. “People are better here in California because soccer is bigger here. I feel like nobody cares in Louisiana because it’s more oriented towards football and so it was always about football at my school, but I always loved soccer, playing here is more challenging though.”

In the following podcast, Richie Cortez talks to Ingerson about playing soccer at Fresno Christian.

Not everyone holds the experience of moving different states. Ingerson explained her feelings of transferring schools and what it is like for her now after almost a year in California.

“It was definitely challenging,” Ingerson said. “I’m in high school and I had to leave all my friends and basically my whole life behind to come here so it took me almost a year to get used to it. High school can be brutal but I’m definitely good now. When you move somewhere it takes about a year to settle in and find some good friends. I grew up in Louisiana so that’s all I knew coming here was just totally different.”

Off the pitch there is always a side of the player the people in the stands do not see. Many people at some point in life go through an experience that changes you as a person. Ingerson was gracious enough to elaborate on some personal questions to give people a glimpse into her life. 

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

Ingerson moved from Louisiana to California at the beginning of her sophomore year.

“My dad who was interviewed recently, wrote a book called The Caleb Years. Our family went through a struggle with my parents losing their son, which is my brother, and I never met him because he was older than me and he died before I was born. Seeing that work in my family’s lives and moving here was the hardest thing because I had to rely on God as my rock because usually when you’re younger your parents are like friends. I didn’t really have that to rely on so I just trusted God.”

If students want to listen to the full interview, check out The Feather Online’s SoundCloud feed. Cortez has interviewed a host of other Eagle student athletes as well.

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