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Librarian utilizes experience in newly renovated LRC

After working in the library for 31 years, Lin Brown continues to contribute to the school through her job as librarian and teacher. Brown graduated from Sierra High School in 1963 and went to Fresno City College to get her degree. She transferred to Fresno State, graduating with a B.S. degree in Child Development and a minor in Sociology.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Lin Brown works at her desk in the library while she organizes books.

In 1984, she began volunteering in the library and later took a job working as the librarian. She then continued to further her education by going through a Library Technology program with classes, workshops and conferences.

Even at a young age, Brown loved reading and books were very dear to her heart. Her days working at the library become filled to the brim, but she loves the idea of handling books and working alongside the FC staff. Brown explains why she loves working in the library and why she appreciates working at FC.

“I am not sure if there is such thing as a normal day in the library,” Brown said. “Each day is brand new and I don’t always know what to expect from teachers, administration, parents and students. I love that days are not always predictable and that I am always very busy. I love the organizing and attention to detail that is requires. Books have always been a special friend of mine as I have always been a reader from my earliest years.”

“I would have to say that my favorite thing about working at Fresno Christian is not just the job that I love, but it is working with others on staff, parents, and absolutely the students,” Brown continued. “I have been extraordinary blessed to have had so many great children and adults in my working life within a Christian environment.”

Lin Brown works with all students from elementary to high school. She gets a chance to see the elementary students when they do their weekly visit to the library to check out books. To prepare for their visit, she goes through the weekly newsletters to stay up to day with their curriculum units, assigned readings and schedules.

Reading Counts is a first through fifth grade reading incentive program that measures comprehension as the students take quizzes on the books that they read. As Brown check the weekly elementary newspaper, she purchases titles that support the program and publishes classroom and student reports.

In the following podcast, Megan LeBlanc speaks with a group of Cheri Fraser’s third grade class about the library and Lin Brown.

Along with tending to the elementary kids, Brown also supervises study hall classes for junior high and high school students. She watches over seven periods of study hall as they work on assignments from other classes and study. While the students learn, Brown continues working with books and sends teacher aides (TA) to collect books from the elementary to restock the library before the kids return for their weekly visit.

Junior Kayla Vanderlinden,’19, explains why she enjoys being a TA for study hall and how Brown has impacted the school.

“I am Mrs. Brown’s TA in first period study hall,” Vanderlinden said. “I like being her TA because I enjoy going to collect books from the elementary classes. When I return, she organizes the books and puts them into their right spot for when the elementary kids come back. She has helped the school by helping kids pick out books and helping them read and by supervising our study hall class.”

The following tweet contains a picture from when alumni director Gary Schultz visited the refurbished library in 2013.

Brown also works closely with the Learning Resource Center (LRC) that helps with student’s learning development. She provides the LRC teachers with titles, sets goal for each year, plans mini lessons for primary grades, cleans up the online library catalog (MARC) records and repairs titles. Kimberly DeWolf elaborates on the LRC and why she loves working with Lin Brown as well.

“The LRC has been working in the library for many years,” DeWolf said. “Working with Lin Brown is the greatest part about being in the library. She is a colleague, mentor and friend whose quiet servant leadership and love for the Lord inspires me daily. Lin Brown’s impact on Fresno Christian is priceless. She has faithfully and humbly served the students, teachers, parents and FCS community for over 30 years.”

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

Study hall periods offer students a chance to study and work on homework. Brown oversees each study hall period in the library.

“She is resourceful, diligent, humble, and a powerful prayer warrior,” Dewolf continued. “She loves without judgement and always sees the good in people or a situation. Lin Brown is trustworthy, loyal and truly embodies her role as a faithful servant and pouring into the Fresno Christian community with graciousness and dedication.”

Outside of the library, Brown’s favorite hobby is spending time with her family and working on her home. She enjoys reading, working in her garden and being in the mountains. She also treasures her church and the people who attend with her.

If you ever pass the library, make sure to stop in and say hello to Lin Brown!

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