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Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Freshman Tyus Parrish scores two points with a dunk during the intramural basketball championships hosted by high school leadership at lunch, Feb. 8.

Fresno Christian high school leadership hosts the intramural basketball championships in the FC gym, Feb. 8.

Teams of three signed up earlier in the week and competed over the past three days. With a total of 10 teams signing up, the competition was whittled down to two final teams. ‘Yeet or Yote’ and ‘Greg and the mortals’ competed for victory in the FC gym during lunch. The winners of the tournament were Bryce Foshee, ‘21 and freshmen Tyus Parrish and Greg Tanaka as ‘Greg and the mortals’. 

Junior Rebekah Micu uses the basketball intramurals as a way to connect with her friends on a different level than school gives her.

“This was my first time participating in the intramural basketball tournament,” Micu said. “My team name was ‘Bekah and the Ballers’ and my teammates were Blake Burdan and Carston Saelzler. I would definitely do it again and even though it was a little intimidating playing with a bunch of guys I had fun.” 

The winners of today’s competition will receive a free lunch from the fast-food restaurant of their choice.

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