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Hight school students compete for intramural title

Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Freshman Tyus Parrish-Tillman (pictured) shoots from beyond the arch.

Basketball intramurals, hosted by FC high school leadership, were played in the FC gym during lunch, Feb. 6-8. The three-on-three tournament-style competition included ten teams with thirty students. These intramurals were held exclusively for high school students.

Student leadership activities director Logan Lewis, ’20, presented the idea to ASB. The idea was voted on and passed. He shares why activities like intramurals are beneficial for students to participate in.

“It’s a fun and different thing,” Lewis said. “We’re used to seeing only basketball players on the court, but this allows everyone to get involved no matter who you are. So it’s really cool to see a bunch of diversity on the court. People are playing in there in their jeans and their school clothes and it’s just good fun. People are laughing in the stands and it’s a good time.”

In the following podcast, Carston Saelzler talks to ASB activities director Logan Lewis about basketball intramurals.

Intramurals are returning this year after an absence in the 2017-18 school year. The last time FC held intramurals for high school was the 2016-17 school year, also three-on-three basketball. The 2015-16 school year featured intramural soccer.

Haley Bartel, ’20, was one of the thirty students who participated in the lunch activity. As a new student this semester, she is excited to be apart of FC activities.

“I think it was just fun,” Bartel said. “Everyone is just messing around, it wasn’t super serious. I felt like we could have fun and just do whatever. I would for sure do it again if they had it.”

The following tweet is on basketball intramurals Feb. 6.

Freshman Greg Tanaka was on the winning intramural team. His team included Bryce Foshee, ’21, and Tyus Parish-Tillman, ’22. He shares his favorite moments.

“I think my favorite part of the basketball intramurals was Tyus dunking two times in a row,” Tanaka said. “I would probably not do it again, because I missed all my shots, but other than that it was fun.”

The winning team received a prize of a free lunch from any fast-food restaurant of their choosing.

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Below is a slideshow of basketball intramurals, Feb 6.

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