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Place your identity in something fulfilling

Each person defines their identity and then finds purpose and meaning in life. High school students begin to define their own sense of identity as they transition to adulthood.

Relatives, friends and teachers of high school students inquire about potential career paths and universities they look to attend. The time of adolescence transitions an individual from childhood to adulthood and prepares them for the responsibilities and burdens of independence.

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Adolescents face decisions to determine their identity and how they will live their life.

With little understanding of the world around, children take in the nurturing knowledge and care of their parents. They identify with them, as that is all they know.

As children mature, they take on more responsibilities and are trusted with more privileges. They take in the world around them, learning more about different groups, religions and cultures.  

As ideas often contradict each other, adolescents use their past experience to interpret present scenarios. They begin to draft an identity often separate from that of their parents. They subconsciously draft an identity based around encounters on the elementary playground, home traditions and lessons learned in classrooms.

A search for identity as a teenager leads to new experiences and learned lessons. An identity can be group of people, a religious institution, a career or any association someone feels connected to. The identity of an individual acts as a compass for which they live their life.

With the rising popularity of flavored filled smoke, high school students may seek to identity with a crowd who shares an interest in the vaping. An athlete may place identity in their sports team and the success of the program.

With many different walks of life to place identity in, high school students must choose wisely in what they pursue. An person’s sense of identity lasts a lifetime and guides their journey through life.

Place your identity in something you believe in, something you treasure and something that fulfills you.

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