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Kaylie Clem

Editior-in-chiefs (left to right) Samuel Cross ’19, Kamryn Schultz ’19, and Alexander Rurik ’19, will teach classes on The Feather trip to Anaheim CA in April.

For each day of National Scholastic Journalism Week, The Feather looks to highlight our editors. Everyday will focus on a different editorial role and their position on the team. Today’s featured editors are seniors Samuel Cross, Alexander Rurik and Kamryn Schultz as editor-in-chiefs.

Cross has been with The Feather for four years and an editor-in-chief for two years. He plans to apply the skills he has learned over the years into everyday conversations, interactions, as well as the profession he chooses to pursue.

For Cross, his greatest accomplishment is not being kicked off the team yet.

He will be teaching two classes at the Anaheim Feather trip. The classes will be on writing and info-graphics.

A fun fact about Cross is that he sleeps with the fan on.

One of the longest members on the team with six years, Rurik has been involved with the Feather since 6th grade. He started his journey helping co-write a classmate’s blog and continued throughout junior high. By the end of his freshman year, he was taking on roles of an editor. Rurik officially became an editor-in-chief his junior year. He sees himself taking the skills he has learned from The Feather wherever he goes.

Rurik’s most challenging article was his first article. It went along with a suicide PSA that The Feather created two years ago during his sophomore year. Check out his contribution to the project: Local suicides prompt campus response.

Rurik thanks The Feather for the opportunities given to him as a part of the team. His biggest accomplishment is who he has become over the last four years and winning multiple awards on The Feather.

A fun fact about Rurik is that he has been to all the California Missions.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Along with devoting their time to The Feather, the editor-in-chiefs are also student athletes.

This year wraps up Schultz’s fourth year on The Feather, with her last two  years with an editor role. She earned her spot as an editor-in-chief by learning leadership skills as a Facebook and senior editor. This has helped her learn how to publish and edit articles. Schultz also assists other Feather staffers with their articles along with writing her own.

As a sophomore, Schultz was shy and found talking to other people difficult. She faced her fear as she was assigned an article on Clovis Fest, which needed lots of quotes. Now Schultz finds interviewing people not as hard. Another challenge for her was last year’s article (with Alex Rurik) on Yamaguchi reflects on time spent in Japanese relocation camps. The most challenging part for Schultz was getting facts straight and accurate writing.

With the skills Schultz has gained from The Feather, she plans to pursue journalism in college because of her passion for writing.

Schultz doesn’t have one greatest accomplishment on The Feather but many positive experiences. She has met many people, grew with her writing abilities and gotten out of her shell. Schultz now finds opening up to others easier, which is a personal accomplishment for her.

In The Feather Anaheim trip in April, Schultz plans to talk about her role on The Feather as an editor.

A fun fact about Schultz is that she used to live next to Oprah Winfrey.

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