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Every month The Feather highlights one individual from the student body who demonstrates exemplary character and or admirable dedication to classes or extracurricular activities. Teachers choose those who display the before mentioned characteristics in the classroom setting. The objective of the following article is to honor the effort of students to live by Caleb Code Standards: Seek Truth, Speak Life, Serve Others.

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Danielle Foster | The Feather Online

When not rehearsing or performing, Wagoner enjoys lessons on speaking, acting and dance.

Campus English teacher Kyle Dodson chose Nicole Wagoner as a Student of the Month for February. After asked for a reason he chose Wagoner, Dodson said that her work in class and desire to better herself academically factor into the reason.    

“Nicole Wagoner represents the best in all of us,” Dodson said. “She is always looking to improve herself in and out of the classroom. She desires to be better every day. Nicole is a fantastic student who displays a wealth of knowledge, while still demonstrating careful restraint in listening first before acting.”

Also her favorite class, English provides Wagoner a chance to read and study books that create positive affirmation in her mind. She believes that with all chaos in the world, books provide her with joy.

“My favorite class is English,” Wagoner said. “The books we read give me somewhat of a happier outlook on life, no matter what the book is about. It’s nice to have a part of the day where you can pause and look into another world.”  

Apart from academic classes, Wagoner’s enjoys the FCHS arts program. This includes her involvement in choir and drama. She enjoys the new experience of choir because this year marks the first time in a similar program since 6th grade.

Wagoner greatly appreciates the instruction of Susan Ainley, the campus choir director. Wagoner values Ainley’s dedication toward the choir program’s individual members. 

Nicole, one of four children belonging to Jim and Wendy Wagoner, cares deeply for her family. She has three brothers, two of who married and moved out and the other, who displays a learning disorder, lives at home with Nicole and her parents. When asked further about her family, Nicole said that she loves her niece and nephew, describing them as “two of the craziest and most beautiful kids I’ve ever seen.”

Wagoner in the past wrote blogs on The Feather about painting fingernails.

Wagoner’s favorite hobby consists of acting on stage at multiple events. She performed in shows at California Arts Academy 14 times and plans to perform a 15th time in the near future. In addition to the Arts Academy, she performed at Selma Arts Center, Stageworks Fresno, Good Company Players’ Second Space Theatre and Roger Rocka’s dinner theatre.   

“I have been doing musical theatre since I was seven years old,” Wagoner said. “My mom took me to see ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ when I was little. When she saw how much I enjoyed it, she asked if I would like to try being in one. I accepted the offer, and I’ve been in love ever since.” 

Wagoner continues to act and perform. Her next performance takes place in the school’s production of Tempest as the character Antonia. The play takes place on March 7-9.  

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