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Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Juniors (left to right) Braden Bell and Blake Deffenbacher will be teaching about the importance of video in the journalism world at the upcoming Anaheim trip in spring.

For each day of National Scholastic Journalism Week, The Feather looks to highlight our editors. Everyday will focus on a different editorial role and their position on the team. Today’s featured editors are juniors Braden Bell and Blake Deffenbacher, video journalist editors

In the upcoming L.A. trip, Bell and Deffenbacher plan to teach a class on the importance of video in the journalism world. They will show students how to publish on multiple platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and the main website.

Braden Bell joined The Feather his freshman year as a journalist, switching to become Twitter editor his sophomore year. He now works as the video journalist editor for his junior year.

While on the team, Bell gains confidence to get involved in community events and plans to use this life skill after high school. He plans to use these skills to grow his education at college and provide for his family with a well paying job. Bell finds both communication and writing skills in all aspects of his life.

The two CSPA Gold Crown awards earned through his high school career gives him a sense of pride and purpose in his life. He finds even little accomplishments such as finishing a post or nailing a podcast really sticks with him. His most memorable moments on the team include the fun trips, long nights and the relief of completion after each project.

Bell plans to teach two classes in L.A. on the importance of the video journalism class and a Twitter class with Logan Lewis, ’20, highlighting the importance of Twitter as a media tool.

A fun fact about Bell is his love to wake surf, snow ski, snow board, go on hikes and scuba dive.

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Bell and Deffenbacher participate in many events on the FC campus, along with the annual Kids Day.

Blake Deffenbacher joined The Feather his sophomore year as a photojournalist, making the switch to become a video journalist editor his junior year.

Deffenbacher already exhibits his camera and writing skills in everyday life, earning money for photo shoots and professional video work. The workflow and efficiency he developes through The Feather along with how to write and function a DSLR camera helps him with his personal jobs.

His biggest accomplishment on The Feather has been the continual recognition from videos published for the school and the community. The editorial position Deffenbacher holds requires responsibility, but he is thankful for the opportunity to lead and work along side the video team.

A fun fact about Deffenbacher is his love for traveling. He has been to six countries in past years and plans on traveling to India this upcoming summer.

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Below is a slideshow of the video journalist editors and their time on The Feather.

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