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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer shares his perspective on Christian influence in the Fresno community with sophomore Addison Schultz, Feb. 19.

Four members of The Feather staff and adviser Greg Stobbe travel to Fresno Police Headquarters to meet with Police Chief Jerry Dyer, Feb. 19.

A video project crerated for the FCS 36th annual auction, involves community leaders and influencers around the Fresno and Clovis area.

Chief Dyer’s part in the video requires two junior video journalists Wesley Hinton and Braden Bell to film. Senior editor Addison Schultz, ‘21, interviews Dyer and lastly, myself as a photojournalist editor who photographs the event.

To talk and interact with leaders of our city from the perspective of journalism students can broaden and shape perspectives seen on situations around the community. It creates provides opportunities for high school students to experience real-world content and news.

On The Feather, I am able to take part in different activities as a photojournalist and connect with people like Chief Dyer as a photographer. As a witness of Schultz and Dyer’s interview on the impact Christian students have in Fresno’s community, it fueled my desire to know more and influence people around me.

Receiving opportunities to see the world and people through the lens of a camera allows a whole new perspective to journalism. The focus shifts from a broad spectrum of the entire setting to the subject, creating a more personal connection. Entering the police headquarters and police chief’s office, I was able to focus on the details.

In the process of photographing the interview, my attention funneled into my two subjects of Dyer and Schultz, where I could see sincerity and passion behind the words spoken. A photojournalist’s job is different than other branches of journalism in the sense of telling a story. A photographer’s challenge is to capture the story without words of a writer or the sound of a video.

My goal in the interview was to portray the setting and story through photography. In the image, the police chief is seen describing his story to Schultz. This leads to the subject of using the camera to freeze a moment in time, creating a hook that entices viewers desiring to know more about the story behind the image.

The video with Police Chief Jerry Dyer as well as Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, radio host Paul Loeffler and Clovis mayor Bob Whalen will be shown at the FC auction. The production is geared towards Christian students at FC and their impact on the community.

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