LETTER: Parent thanks Feather

LETTER: Parent thanks Feather

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Parent grateful for experience and opportunities provided by The Feather

Dear Editor,

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Ethan Hamm, ’20, center, directs The Feather videojournalism team’s production, “Choices,” Feb. 7. Parent Rachel Hamm expresses her thanks to Feather for offering media training in a Christian setting.

As a parent, I’d like to give you my perspective about The Feather Online (thefeather.com). My son has wanted to be a filmmaker from the moment he began watching movies, somewhere around four years old. As he learned more about filmmaking, he realized that he was drawn to directing as well.

Most kids change their minds every five minutes when it comes to their future careers, but not Ethan.

Ethan has never wavered in his desire to direct and act in films, and his passion has only grown through the years.

As I began to realize this really was what he was going to do with his life, I remember feeling sad that his first 12 years of schooling would do little to prepare him for this type of calling. I felt resigned to the fact that he’d just have to “get through” his K-12 years and learn about his passion in his free time or in college. That was until I learned about The Feather.

As I learned more about the amazing achievements of The Feather, I felt like a child on Christmas morning. The Feather felt like a gift to Ethan and therefore to me. As a junior, he is currently taking two Feather classes that are teaching him, in a most excellent way, how to make films. All this while still in high school? It feels too good to be true.

We need more Christians in the media/arts/entertainment fields. From my perspective, The Feather is doing a superior job of preparing these godly students to go change the world. Let’s face it, life does imitate art. That’s why it’s so valuable that The Feather is preparing Christian artists to go be brilliant in a way that will have a lasting impact on culture.

Rachel Hamm

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Rachel Hamm can be reached via her website, Rachelhamm.com, and via email.
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