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Student leadership team prepares for formal, students share excitement

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Classes receive awards for ‘Parents’ Favorite’, ‘Best Actor’, and many more as the movies are played throughout the night.

From planning class movies to preparing the venue and food, FC staff and leadership students fill their next month planning for the upcoming spring formal, Night of the Stars (N.O.T.S.). This year’s theme, ‘A Night at the Oscars’, features a red carpet and elegant gold accents at The Lakeside at Wolf Lakes.

Co-leadership advisers Robert Foshee and Aubri Foster guide the students in executing the formal event. Foshee observes the students’ excitement for the event and shares the progress they are making.

“This year we will be on a larger property of Wolf Lakes which is really cool,” Foshee said. “Every year has it’s own flavor which makes formal different every time. During the planning I see the kids getting excited about formal and committees of students understanding budgets and event planning. We have kept the tradition of movies going because it has become part of N.O.T.S. including classmate participation.”

The event goes from 5:30-11 p.m. Time is provided to mingle and take part in boat rides, dinner, dessert, and the showing of class movies. A photographer will be present to take downloadable pictures for a fee of $5 and printables at various prices.

Freshman Ashley Logan is excited to attend N.O.T.S. for the first time, being one of the first girls to be asked. Logan is anticipating a night to have fun with her friends and the whole freshman class.

“I am excited to experience N.O.T.S for the first time and to go dress shopping with all of my friends,” Logan said. “I have heard all the upperclassmen talk about how fun it is and I’ve seen many pictures. I was super surprised when I got asked because I didn’t know he would be at the beach at the same time as me and he showed up on the pier to ask me.”

Freshmen through seniors meet during lunch times and weekends to recreate films before the night of March 30. Parents and FC teachers vote ahead of time to create awards like ‘Parents’ Favorite’, ‘Best Actor’, and ‘Funniest Scene’ that will be awarded at the formal. Freshmen work on Jurassic Park, sophomores take on Freaky Friday, juniors begin The Sandlot, and seniors film Avengers: Infinity War.

In the following podcast, Morgan Parker interviews Robert Foshee on the upcoming spring formal, Feb. 20.

Reese Brown, ‘19, enjoys helping out his class and engaging in his class movie. As a member of the leadership team, Brown prepares for N.O.T.S. by participating in the advertising committee.

“I love going to N.O.T.S. because it’s really nice to have a night where you can have fun with a friend,” Brown said. “I also love watching movies that are made by our classes. I’m exited to ask someone to formal, I think it will go great so that’s exciting. I’ve gone to formal for two years and this will be my third.”

N.O.T.S. has been an annual event at Fresno Christian since 1994. Whether going with a friend group or with a date, faculty and students who attend anticipate an evening of fun and friendship. A dress code will be enforced, with chaperones carrying black cardigans in case of mishaps.

Sophomore Lexi Baker enjoyed formal last year but can not find the time to enjoy the upcoming festivities. Baker plans on enjoying the night with her friends in a relaxing manner.

“I am not going to formal this year,” Baker said. “Really it is because I am more busy this year compared to when I went last year. Some of my friends are not going as well and we plan on having everyone over and watching movies and hanging out. I liked how formal was when I went but dancing would be fun even though I know the reason why we don’t. FCS did well with it last time but I just don’t have time for the shopping and preparing.”

Posters and announcements on campus advertise the event to students. Ticket sales began Tuesday, Feb. 19 at $65, rising to $70 March 1 until N.O.T.S. The price includes the venue, food, and a photographer. Girls looking for dresses have the opportunity to borrow from former and current students who bring in previously worn dresses before the event. FC anticipates a new dress option for girls called Dresses Worn Once which offers more reasonable prices for almost new dresses. 

Below are the estimated prices of formal for both guys and girls. Be sure to click on both infographics.

Cost of Formal by Sam Cross.

N.O.T.S will be held on March 30 at Wolf Lakes from 5:30-11 p.m. For more information on the event, contact leadership advisors Aubri Foster or Robert Foshee by email.

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