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Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Here are 19 of the senior baby pictures posted on The Feather’s ‘Can You Guess the Senior’ Instagram series. Do you recognize any faces?

Have you seen The Feather’s latest Instagram series called, ‘Can You Guess the Senior’?

Every week day before school, a baby picture is posted on our Instagram page. Participating viewers have until the end of the school-day to share their guesses on the senior‘s identity. At 3 p.m., the Feather reveals alongside their baby picture via Instagram story.

The guessing game doesn’t end at the reveal. Along with the photo and name reveal, a poll is attached to the bottom of the story. This is another way to engage viewers, offering a way to share wether their assumption was accurate or not.

‘Can You Guess the Senior’ was created by senior photojournalism editors Kaylie Clem and Julia Fikse. Each morning before school they strategically post the next senior, liking comments throughout the day.

Attention all seniors! We are almost out of senior baby pictures, so be sure to keep submitting your photos to Clem’s email and Fikse’s at

Head over to our Instagram, @thefeather, to get in on the guessing game! Also be sure to follow us on all social media platforms to stay up to date with current events happening around campus.

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