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Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Junior Shauna Howard creates her own TED Talk as an assignment to prepare for the upcoming AP language test., March 1.

Shauna Howard, ‘20, writes a TED Talk as part of Andrea Donaghe’s AP Language and Composition class, March 1.

The goal of this activity prepares the class for the upcoming AP test. Instead of participating in their usual ‘timed writes’, the class wrote a TED talk about issues high schoolers face. This exercise allows students to practice their writing skills in a different way than usual.

Junior Wesley Hinton uses this activity as an opportunity to prepare himself for the AP test. The test will take place at the end of the semester.

“What I liked most about this activity was the creative challenge of presenting my ideas clearly,” Hinton said. “In addition, I learned it was more difficult than I thought to present your thoughts as clearly and as entertaining as many TED talks are. I think this activity along with all the others we do in class helped to prepare me for the test at the end of the year.”

The class’s next activity will be participating in a class debate pertaining to Stem Cells as a part of their science unit. 

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