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“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31. 

Paige Provost | The Feather Online

Sophomore, Natalie Arndt, blog writer and FC student, strives to inform students about fitness and nutrition.

Sophomore Natalie Arndt, blog writer and FC student, strives to inform students about fitness and nutrition. Four years ago, Arndt discovered her passion for staying in shape and pursuing a healthy diet.

When she is not meal prepping, Arndt can be found in the campus mentor program, Sister To Sister, playing volleyball, or riding her horse, Katie. As she encourages others toward a healthy lifestyle, Arndt hopes to inspire readers to take action in pursuit of nutritious habits.


My name is Natalie Arndt and I am a fifteen year old foodie. I love food, all types of food, healthy and unhealthy.  Growing up I struggled with digestive issues. After numerous doctor visits I made it my mission to figure out what my body couldn’t digest. After many trials and errors I discovered paleo.

Paleo is a diet first eaten by early humans. It consist of meats, vegetables, and fruits, excluding dairy and grain products. The idea behind paleo is “eating like a caveman” which means removing processed foods and replacing them with all natural foods.

I had a solution to my issue, but it became a challenge to find foods I could eat. After several attempts I discovered it isn’t always about what I couldn’t eat but what I could. I began using the foods that are nurturing to my body and spicing them up.  

In elementary school I played as many sports as I could. I loved practicing and training for my goals. As I moved to junior high my passion for playing sports decreased, as they became competitive. I’ve learned I am self-competitive and compete with myself to become the best version of myself.

During the summer of eighth grade I chose only to play volleyball, but my parents encouraged me to find an activity during the off season. I began trying tumbling, yoga, and much more.

Today I find fitness as stress relief and a hobby I do to mentally push myself. Fitness has taught me patience and self discipline. Where it used to be a burden, it is now something I look forward to.

I hope to inspire readers to start their journey to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I want people to understand that a healthy life isn’t about boring food and hard workouts; it has a deeper purpose. It is finding food you love and a hobby you enjoy. Everyone is different and everyone’s body is different.

The hardest part of taking care of your body is the courage to start it. The shift toward a healthy lifestyle isn’t always fun, but eventually it becomes enjoyable and empowering. Success doesn’t work unless you do. So, will you join?

Natalie Arndt can be reached via email.

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