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Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Seniors Alina Davila (left) and Angelica Escalera prepare samples of their Econ Fair product, Mexican corn, March 6.

Third period economics groups present their Econ Fair project prototype to the class, March 6. Products include nachos, cookie dough, french fries, fried rice and reverse tie dye shirts, amongst others.

The class takes notes, offering suggestions to each group as they present. This activity allows groups to introduce their product and receive feed back on ways to improve their chosen item.

For the seniors selling food, a small portion of the product was created and brought in for fellow classmates to sample. For non-food related items, groups also supplied a sample product to fellow seniors.

Next up for the class, marketing. Each group is graded on the amount of followers they have attracted on their social media accounts. Econ Fair businesses can be found via Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Be sure you’re following to figure out what will be available during lunch, March 13.

Posters promoting group’s products will also be up in the hallways within the next week. Make sure you are looking at them for further information on each business.

Stay tuned for more to come on the annual FC Econ Fair, March 13. The event will take place in the FC gym at lunchtime, so be sure to bring your money!

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