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Athletes lead teams to victories, academics excel in work, artists paint lasting designs

Student leadership organizes Night of the Stars formal (NOTS), rallies and the activities that bring the student body together to celebrate achievement and campus life. Band, choir and winter guard tirelessly practice to perform musical compositions and theatrical works. Athletes condition and compete on the fields of FC pursuing championships and winning records.

Sam Cross | The Feather Online

As a part of an Art III project, Sydney Saville leaves a lasting mark on the campus, painting a FC logo in the athletic office.

Each student at Fresno Christian provides life, talent and success to the school. Artist Sydney Saville, ’20, decorates the athletic office with a FC Logo, creating a spirit filled space for athletic director Darbee Whipple to plan games and manage athletics.

Multi-schoolers join the ranks of the campus athletes on the field, with quarterback Anthony Lenardo leading the team to a championship game and 10-2 overall record. Two-time MaxPreps player of the week, Rylee Schwab, led the girls soccer team with 61 goals to a Valley championship game and an overall record of 18-6.

During the final sports banquet of the year, athletic director Jon Penberthy examines the senior class and nominates the senior athlete of the year based on criteria related to the performance of each athlete. Tyler Villines, ‘18, and Cayla Rivas, ‘18, were both nominated for last year’s male and female athlete of the year awards.

Macie Thompson, ’19, achieves a 1,000 point landmark this season whilst competing on the girls basketball team during her final year.

And, most recently, ABC30’s sports reporter, Stephen Hicks, showcased our new soccer coach, Ramon Martin del Campo, on this week’s Good Sports feature,March 8.

Teachers instruct Advanced Placement classes to provide students expanded academic opportunities. Teachers at FC offer students these 2019 AP courses:

  • AP Language and Composition
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Biology
  • AP European History

Paired with core academic classes, these AP courses allow certain students to rise in the ranks of their class, achieving honors during graduation. Alumna Cathryn Vanderkooi, ’18, led her FC class of ‘18 as valedictorian with salutatorian Roman Endicott,  ’18, representing the pinnacle of academic success at Fresno Christian.

Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Freshmen Brynnor Poplin (left), Noah Weimer (center) join teacher Dr. Karen Walters in examining a dissected squid during a biology lab.

Choral director Susan Ainley tirelessly prepares her choirs for performances and coaches individual members for solo opportunities. During the campus Valentine’s concert, Landon Goldsborough, ‘19, and Hayden Trevino, ‘22, performed solo love songs, demonstrating their vocal talents.

In a constant pursuit of truth and service, storytellers in the ranks of The Feather post, tweet and publish campus and local news, providing a voice for their peers. Photo journalits and video journalists fill Feather Instagram and Twitter feeds with media showcasing the life and times of Fresno Christian, generating accessible content for busy peers browsing social media in between classes.

English teacher and yearbook adviser Andrea Donaghe, among others, offer opportunities for students to read and engage with more in-depth stories on The Feather. Each week Donaghe allots time each Friday for her classes to read and comment on articles published that week. She calls it ‘Feather Friday’.

The Feather appreciates and thanks staff members like Donaghe for their service to the school and their continued support of the campus student-led publication.

When walking the hallways or taking a seat next to a longtime classmate, remember their achievements and treasure what each person brings to Fresno Christian.

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