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Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Students brought desserts to class from different hispanic countries, March. 8.

Students in sixth period Spanish lll bring desserts to class inspired by a hispanic country they chose, March 8. They create a slideshow explaining the origin of the dessert, ingredients and the process to make it.

Spanish lll reads articles about different hispanic countries throughout their unit learning about the different cultures.

Spanish student Nicole Wagoner, ’20, enjoys making her dessert since it was different from other projects she has done in the past.

“I choose to make churros that originated from Spain,” Wagoner said. “I made the dessert by boiling water, sugar and oil into a pot, adding dough to that mixture, and then frying the dough made from that in oil. I really enjoyed making the dessert for my project along with the slideshow.”

Desserts included, Tres Leches Cake from Nicaragua, Cajeta from Mexico, Plantain Fritters from Nigeria, and many more.

After eating the desserts brought in, students present their slideshow presentation in front of the class. Those who dressed up in baking attire received extra credit for their project.

Students in Rachel Rodriguez’s Spanish lll class participate in many projects throughout the year such as Vallarta Supermarket visitposter presentationsvisiting Toledos restaurant, and Secret Santa.

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