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Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

The class of 2019 continues to work on the annual Senior Portfolio project in English classes, March 20.

Seniors in Andrea Donaghe‘s English 12 class and AP language work on their senior portfolios, March 19.

Preparation for this annual project began at the beginning of the second semester.

Binders include personal documents such as a letter of introduction, resume and statement of faith. Work samples and letter or recommendations are also included components.

Juniors in AP language also participate in the project, aiding them a head start for their senior year.

Portfolios are due the Friday after Spring Break, April 26, by 3 p.m. Feather seniors must turn in their portfolios before they leave for LA trip. There is no exceptions for late entries.

Following the submission of portfolios, the class of 2019 faces the annual senior interview. In this activity, seniors gain a real world experience of undergoing a job interview. This enables students to leave high school with real-life skills.

All seniors are required to complete portfolios and undergo a mock job interview at the end of the school year to graduate. Students are also required to wear a professional outfit. Girls wear dresses, skirts or pant suits along with dress shoes. Boys wear a suite and tie with dress shoes as well.

The students are graded on how professional they dress, the interview and senior portfolio.

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