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Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Micah Sue, ’22 and Reese Brown ’19 play the song “Real Love,” by Hillsong Young and Free in chapel, March 19.

Changing the normal Fresno Christian chapel routine, the tech team turned worship team strikes again, playing the song “Real Love,” by Hillsong Young and Free, March 19.

The team consists of 5 worship team members who usually run sound or slides during Tuesday and Thursday chapels.  Reese Brown, ’21 plays bass, along with Micah Sue, ’22 on accoustic guitar. Blake Deffenbacher ’20 plays electric guitar and sings backup vocals and Logan Lewis ’20 plays drums.  Kyle Friesen, ’19 leads the team, singing lead vocals.

Friesen appreciates the new perspective that singing on stage has given him.

“My favorite thing about singing with the Technical Difficulties is the new perspective,” Friesen said. “I usually don’t get to be on stage because I’m always in the back doing tech.  It was an enjoyable experience.”

Throughout the year, the worship team has experimented with multiple unique teams during Tuesday chapels.  Another team dubbed “Deb and the Destoryers,” led by Deborah Ingerson, ’20, played “This is Living,” by Hillsong Young and Free within the past month.

The following video introduces Kyle and the Technical Difficulties for their second performance.

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