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Auction displays FC involvement in the community

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

The auction hosted parents, teachers, alumni, and other guests willing to donate to the school event.

Hundreds of alumni, teachers, and donors gather in the FC gym for the 36th annual auction, March 9. Every year, the auction raises money for classessports, and various activities around the school. At the end of the evening, the school raised $157,704, contributing to the vision of the school to develop a community of ‘world changers’.

The theme ‘Going Places’ honors the vision of campus students anticipating a successful future and ways they aid their communities. The auction is a catalyst in demonstrating to FC supporters the extent of the school’s community impact. FCS Superintendent Jeremy Brown explains the direction of the theme. 

“We themed the auction differently this year,” Brown said. “Before it was a much more traditional auction as far as the aesthetic. This year we themed it ‘Going Places’ which is more fun, and there is more color. We have also streamlined the process, we have a great auction committee that does that and is always asking how we can reach more people and raise more money.”

Killer Dueling Pianos entertained the crowds as guests requested various songs throughout the evening. In addition, the high school leadership students greeted attendees as they walked in and passed out raffle tickets. They also served refreshments and ran the photo/video booth created by The Feather’s video team.

In the following tweet, leadership students help volunteers by passing out raffle tickets and serving refreshments.

Dorina Young, mother of three daughters who attend Fresno Christian, engages with the school as the junior high track and field coach. She appreciates the opportunities to connect with friends and teachers outside of the classroom.

“I am a mother of three Fresno Christian students grades one, four and seven,” Young said. “This was my first time attending the auction. I love supporting the school in any way I can and connecting with the community. My favorite part is the the chance to interact with other parents, teachers, and staff on a deeper level over dinner. I also love the silent auction format! I am grateful for a loving community with so many families who love God, come from a diversity of backgrounds, and who are invested in serving our city.”

Bidding on dessert tables and participating in the live and silent auction, guests also engaged in raffle drawings where they could win front row seats for high school graduation, a helicopter ride with the Fresno police, and other prizes. The donations and raffle items were all made possible due to the generous hearts of donors who believe in what God is doing in and through the school.

Owner of SRT, a motorcycle parts company, and father to Macie Thompson,’19, Craig Thompson donated a national championship bike for live auction at FCS. He shares why he donated it.

“It’s pretty simple, my brother-in-law Matthew Messer challenged me to donate it,” Thompson said. “After the auction last year, he said, ‘Dude you should donate one of your motorcycles.’ I had a national championship bike and so I decided to donate that one.”

In the following podcast, Carston Saelzler interviews Craig Thompson about his donation of a motorbike.

 Superintendent Brown reminisces on his favorite memory from a past auction.

“My favorite memory was two or three years ago,” Brown said, “I think it was Mrs. Eldridge’s first year and she was at the auction. And that year we were auctioning off a puppy, and she was going to try to get it. And she was bidding but she only wanted to go so high and so she eventually stopped bidding. And there were two families bidding quite high, I think up to over a $1,000. When the bidding was done, the family that won it walked over and gave the puppy to Mrs. Eldridge, so that’s my most fun memory.”

The 36th annual FCS Auction was captured via video by now senior Ethan Hamm. Since 1982, Fresno Christian staff, alumni, and more have raised money to support students and their education.

Fresno Christian Schools strives to achieve the theme ‘Going Places’, in the community and beyond, and through the generosity of parents, guests and alumni, the school hopes to create the vision of a better tomorrow for attending students.

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Below is a slideshow of the FC auction.

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