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Senior uses passion, experience to lead varsity tennis team

As the days grow warmer and the tennis season reaches its midpoint, Reese Brown, ‘19, continues to lead the campus team towards playoffs in his final chance at winning a championship. With the leadership of four other seniors on the team and a young core with playoff experience, Brown now believes that the team is capable of winning it all this year.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

After playing tennis for the first time his freshman year, Reese Brown has earned the No. 3 singles spot in his senior season.

After playing soccer early in his life, Brown began playing tennis after head coach Robert Foshee began looking for players to compete in a match against Coalinga during Brown’s freshman year. Brown’s father and Fresno Christian Superintendent Jeremy Brown recalls that day when he received a call from his son asking for permission to go compete.

“I remember his freshmen year the basketball team was deep into playoffs,” Jeremy Brown said. “Foshee was going around trying to get kids to compete in Coalinga for a match that day. I got a call from Reese, asking if he could go. No racket or tennis shoes. He went and borrowed stuff and won his doubles match that day!”

During this preliminary season of tennis, Brown chose to join the team with the sole intent of discovering a reason to skip class. This perspective began to shift when Brown played his first match with fellow senior, John Monke. This match showcased to him the joy he found in the sport.

“Well, when I first started, really the only reason I started was to be able to get out of class,” Brown said. “I thought that was super cool but then when I played my first game with John Monke, that was just super fun and we were able to win.”

As Brown has continued to grow his skills over the past four years, his love for the game also reached new heights. His passion for the game now relies on the competition format. Brown enjoys the ability to play a sport one on one, where the sole objective is to compete. He also developed an appreciation for the type of fun and energy the team brings to each match.

“I really enjoy how it’s just one on one,” Brown said. “Occasionally you’ll get line judges called, but most of the part is just two guys having a competition. The team is super fun and we have a lot of great guys on it this year so it’s been nice.”

In the following podcast, Reese Brown discusses his tennis career.

Through both his play and character, Brown has earned the admiration of his teammates. Austin Peterson, ’22, recognizes Brown’s reliability and endurance during a match whether playing in singles or doubles.

“I enjoy Reese’s endurance when he plays,” Peterson said. “Most people lose morale when they lose a point or are a couple points behind, but Reese is able to push through better than most people. He’s a reliable player who can perform well in singles and doubles. The coaches can put him there knowing that he will do great.”

In addition to the endurance he provides, Bryce Foshee, ‘21, appreciates the leadership and mental toughness Brown displays during each match. Foshee believes that this attitude made an impact on him.

“He’s one of the reasons our team can joke around so much and still be a very successful team,” Foshee said. “Reese is a great leader on the team. He uses his experience in tennis to help everyone, especially the first year players, improve their game.”

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Throughout his four seasons on the tennis team, Brown has developed his singles play and consistently contributes to doubles matches.

“I remember Reese’s match at the WSL tournament last year,” Foshee continued. “It was blazing hot outside, and he was sick and in pain, but Reese kept playing against a tough opponent. Unfortunately, he lost, but the mental toughness he showed in that game made an impact on me.”

After watching Brown’s play improve over the past four years, coach Robert Foshee believes that his game has reached new heights. He also appreciates the competitive spirit demonstrated throughout each match.

“He’s very competitive and gives everything he has to the team,” Robert Foshee said. “Reese’s ability to fight through the whole match sets him apart.  No matter who the opponent is, he is never out of the match. Every year Reese has worked on improving his tennis game. I think his serve, top spin and volley have become top notch.”

In addition to starting on the varsity tennis team, Brown also earned the role of ASB male chaplain this school year. Brown decided to run for chaplain after watching how the previous year’s chaplain, Erin Wilson, utilized the position.

“For ASB chaplain,” Brown said, “it really was just that last year I saw Erin Wilson and I thought that would be a cool position. I wanted to do more with it, so, I decided to run for it this year and I won.”

To support Brown and the tennis team, head out to their senior night match against Caruthers High School, Apr. 1.

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