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Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Fifth period zoology students create replicas of fertilized chicken eggs using candy, March 29.

Zoology students celebrate the end of the week with a sugary activity, learning about the makeup of chicken eggs, March 29.

After weighing and cataloging 40 fertilized chicken eggs for the last three weeks, zoology takes an end-of-week break from observations. In groups, students transform candy into chicken egg inner features.

The class utilizes the wide variety of candies to represent the inner components of a chicken egg and embryo. Reimagined features include embryo, yolk sack and blood vessels, all tucked inside a large plastic Easter egg.

Peeps marshmallow candies represent the embryo, while the circular Reese’s peanut butter cups embryo the yolk. Other candies include mini M&M’S, Mike and Ike’s, Jelly Beans and Milk Duds.

Dr. Karen Walters, zoology teacher, assigns this activity to gain an inside view of the chicken egg makeup, along with a candy treat to end the week. The timing, approaching spring break and Easter, also prompted the festive activity.

Chicks should begin the hatching process, Monday, April 1. Be sure you are following us on Instagram, @thefeatheronline, to stay up to date with chick hatching updates.

Were one of your favorite candies utilized in zoology’s project today? Let us know in the comments below!

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