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Students suit up for formal event, prepare to take dates to Oscar-themed event

Twas the night before NOTS.

The gentle hum of tanning beds

complimented the mist of orange aerosol 

that filled the air around her. 

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Hunter Raynes, ’21, asks Hannah Villines, ’21, to NOTS.

With a basic understanding of color,

he attempted to match his tie to her dress.

Ties loom from shades of blush to rose;

He only sees red.

just red,

red everywhere.

Arriving in sparkling sequin dresses, tuxedos, flowing floral gowns and tailored suits, campus students anticipate Night of the Stars activities.

However, in preparation for the formal affair that is NOTS, students often encounter stressful choices of who to ask and what to wear. Girls exhibit their elegant dresses that express their personalities and exude their beauty. To accompany their nightwear, they book hair appointments and some may get spray tans to accentuate their outfits.

Guys take an annual trip to Men’s Warehouse to rent a fitted suit or tuxedo to achieve a presentable and prestigious look. They look to match colors with their dates, which may sometimes present a difficulty to any artistically challenged individuals.

Through the great stress in preparing for the night of movies, dinner and celebration, students develop lasting connections with peers and earn awards from acting in their class movies.

Twas the night of NOTS.

The gentle roll of tires over gravel, 

doors open,

dolledup dates step out.

They approach with confidence

their skin glowing;

their matching colors glistening

and stunning smiles 

break through the crowd.

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