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Coach sets goals for team, hopes to win playoffs

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Softball continues to play through the season, currently undefeated in league and 9-1 overall.

With the spring season almost reaching its halfway point, the varsity softball team has been on a hot start. They currently hold the record of 9-1, while playing mainly higher division schools, from the East Sierra League.

Last season, the softball team finished with an overall record of 9-10 and 4-6 in league play. They lost to Frazier Mountain in the second round of playoff to conclude their 2018 season

Second-year coach of the team, David Davila has been coaching softball for almost 20 years. For the first seven years, he coached in the city leagues and the next 10 years he transitioned to travel and high school softball.

“I have been coaching softball for 17 years,” coach Davila said. “I started coaching Tee Ball with my oldest daughter. As she moved up and my other daughters started playing I moved up with them. What I enjoy most about coaching this team is that these girls are a great group of athletes and not only compete well but are willing to learn and get better at this sport. The best part about coaching at Fresno Christian is that the girls come together after every practice and game to pray and share about Jesus Christ.”

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Davila has set three goals for the team and wants his team to focus on them.

“Our first goal this year is to win the majority of our preseason games,” coach Davila continues. “Our second goal is to win league. And our final goal is to win valley. I believe we are already starting to accomplish our first goal as our record is seven wins and one loss. I also believe this team has the ability to accomplish all three goals if we can stay healthy and focused. Of all the teams and girls that I have ever coached, I feel very blessed to be able to coach at Fresno Christian.”

One of the two pitchers for the team, Jordyn Boyer, ‘20, has been playing softball since she can remember.

“I have played softball for basically my whole life, ever since I could hold a bat and pick up a glove,” Boyer said. “I continue to play because it has been something I love for a long time. I love the game and I can’t imagine not playing. My favorite part would probably be getting to know my teammates. I’m excited about this season because I really feel like the team has a strong connection with each other. We have the ability to achieve so much this year and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish.”

In the following podcast, John Monke talks with senior Alina Davila about the current season.

One of the captains of the team Alina Davila, ‘19, has played softball her whole life as well. She has played travel ball, wreck ball and for the school team.

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

The softball team has high hopes for this season and hopes to go far in playoffs.

“I continue to play this sport because I have a love-hate relationship with it as well as the other sports I play,” Davila said. “My favorite part about softball is offense. Being in the dugout cheering for each of our batters gives a thrill to the team. The moment we all hear the sound of the ball hitting the bat gets us all on our toes and jumping around. My goals for my last year of playing softball is to give it my absolute all. To dive for any ball I can’t reach, to make plays I never would have before, to hit like I’ve never hit before, and to be a light to everyone I come across to.”

After defeating Minarets, 12-0, at O’Neals, Eagles softball will next take on Kings Christian in Lemoore, April 2. Their next home game is April 4 against Wonderful College Prep Academy (Delano). Go out and support our lady Eagles.

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