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Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

18 out of the original 40 fertilized eggs hatched in zoology, April 3.

Chicks are here! Overnight, a majority of zoology chicks hatched, April 3.

Students in zoology have been tracking the chicks‘ growths for the last three weeks. The activity began with students hand selecting 40 fertilized eggs to keep in an incubator. Documentations began in the early stages of fertilization, then continued along the 21 day journey to hatching.

Out of the 40 selected eggs, 18 made it to the end, hatching, April 2-3.

Zoology examines and plays with the chicks for two weeks before heading into Spring Break. The scheduling for this activity is in honor of Easter.

The class also begins projects focusing on the different systems of a chicken. Topics include respiratory, digestive, reproductive and muscular. Zoology heads into the study of birds after recently concluding their unit of reptiles.

Stay tuned to our Feather Instagram page to keep up to date with the chick’s growth leading up to break. Also, be sure to check out the time lapse video of a chick hatching over on our Insta.

FC students, stop by the lab to take a look at the classes’ newest members!

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