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Senior vocalists stand out on risers

As campus choirs wind down for the school year, both the Cantiamo and Bellezza choirs showcased their skills at the Heritage Festival in Anaheim, April 5. Students exhibited their passion for singing by tackling the additional challenge of singing in three languages. 

Alina Ochoa

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Ensemble and choir sing at the Anaheim Heritage Festival, April 5.

Choral director Susan Ainley sees seniors Landon Goldsborough and Alina Ochoa stand out amongst the rows of students. Ainley enjoys Ochoa’s attitude and watching her grow.

“Alina has been with me since she came to Fresno Christian,” Ainley said. “She’s sung in my junior high choir, been in ensemble, and high school choir. We joke around that Alina is the poster child for the choir face. Anyone who looks at her knows that she loves to sing. She has correct vowel shape, sings the notes correctly, and when you look at her you believe her. ”

Ochoa has gained more of a stage presence, according to Ainley. As well as being attentive, her sociable attitude is appreciated on long trips. Ochoa joined choir for an opportunity to grow in the program.

“She loves to chit chat and I love listening to her,” Ainley said. “She’s encouraging and tells people the lovely things about them. When Alina comes to choir and ensemble she has to learn songs in both which is helpful. I feel like I’ve known her forever since she was a little girl and so I’ve seen her grow in her confidence. She could always sing, but what she’s done through these years is show that she’s confident while on stage.”

In the following podcast Morgan Parker interviews Susan Ainley about Alina Ochoa, April 1.

Ochoa’s mom, Angela Pina, watches Ochoa develop her musical talent. She recalls her first choir performance and the improvements she has witnessed since then.

Alina has been singing since the 5th grade,” Pina said. “My favorite memory of her is when she sang at her 8th grade promotion because it was my first time seeing her really grow and become more confident. I hope to see her sing at church going out of high school.”

Ochoa’s favorite part of choir is being able to learn and sing with her classmates. Ochoa has seen herself gain self-assurance through Ainley’s teaching.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Along with choir, Goldsborough sings on the worship band as well.

“I enjoy working hard on songs and feeling rewarded when we perform them,” Ochoa said. “When I first started choir I was really shy. Choir has helped me become more outspoken and confident in myself. Some challenging parts in choir is having to learn difficult songs by certain times and being in choir and ensemble I have to learn both songs. My favorite memory is going on the Cal Poly trip, being able to travel with friends, and listen to other choirs.”

Landon Goldsborough

This is Ainley’s first year with Goldsborough as a student. Ainley sees his passion for singing and acknowledges his participation.

“This is Landon’s first year in choir,” Ainley said. “I didn’t know him at all and was so happy to not just hear his beautiful singing voice but also his enthusiasm on the risers. From day one he was all in and participated. He wanted to learn choral music which is different from pop and worship music that he’s done. I was excited to see that he wanted to try something new and excelled at it.”

Goldsborough’s father Jeremy Goldsborough would like to see Landon pursue singing in any way as he gets older. Jeremy enjoyed watching his son participate in Christmas productions and plays when he was younger.

“Landon has been singing since he was a little kid, probably 15 years or so,” Jeremy said. “There were some epic moments during Christmas productions and school plays that I recall. Hearing him belt out solos before his voice changed was always a treat. I’d love to see him make singing a regular part of his life, at church, with a band, or just as a hobby. He’s got a nice ear for it, and I know it could bless a lot of people.”

For this year’s Valentine’s Concert Goldsborough performed ‘Fly Me to The Moon’ by Frank Sinatra and ‘All I Ask of You’ from Phantom of the Opera as a duet with Macie Thompson,’19. With Goldsborough beginning and ending the concert, Ainley admired his dedication.

In the following tweet, Belezza performs at the Heritage Festival, April 5.

“He has a beautiful voice there’s no doubt,” Ainley said, “and he leads his section for sure. He leads by example doing what he’s asked to do. I really appreciated this year that he came to me before the Valentine’s Concert and had a song and sang it for me right that minute and nailed it. After that I asked him to sing a duet and he learned it right away.”

Goldsborough shares his best memories of choir this year. He was challenged in learning new songs and getting used to blending individual song parts.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Senior Alina Ochoa plans on continuing singing on her church’s worship team after high school.

“I love hearing all the different parts blend together,” Goldsborough said, “especially in a capella songs like ‘Esto Les Digo’. I’ve grown in being able to expand my singing range by using correct technique. My favorite memory with choir so far was going to Cayucos, California twice and spending time on the beach. I am possibly looking to join a concert choir in college and continue singing in the future. From a young age I took place in children’s choirs and have always enjoyed music.”

Along with other singers in the senior class, these two students choose to continue with music after their high school career. Goldsborough plans on joining a choir program in college while Ochoa will continue singing on her church’s worship team.

Ochoa and Goldsborough finish out their senior year by attending the Heritage Festival in Anaheim accompanied by winter guard, band, choir, and ensemble, April 5-7.

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