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Braden Bell

Junior cast for The Sandlot win best picture.

Since the 1990-’91 school year, Fresno Christian High School has sent students from each class out to write, direct and star in their take on classic Hollywood films all in time for teachers and parents to vote for their favorite. Much like the films they imitate, students’ skills evolve as time goes on, competing against their fellow peers for the opportunity to win a variety of awards on the big night.

The 2018-’19 school year provided a wide range of movies, with films as small as the juniors’ The Sandlot and the sophomore’s Freaky Friday, and films as large scale as the Freshmen’s Jurassic Park and the senior’s take on The Avengers.

Freshman’s movie: Jurassic Park


Jurassic Park follows a team of paleontologists, played by David Tuck,’22, Ashley Sciacqua,’22, and Edward Fiske,’22, as they explore an island of previously prehistoric dinosaurs, narrowly escaping death in the process.

Cinematography & editor: Austin Petersen

Director & writer: Max Hinton

Sophomore’s movie: Freaky Friday


Two high school students portrayed by Mark(Riley) Goldsborough,’21, and Kyle Clem,’21, are both unsatisfied with their life. When they wish for their lives to be changed, they wake up the next day to find that they have switched bodies and lives, learning how to live as the other.

Cinematography & editor: Jacob Hyatt

Director: Bryce Foshee

Writer: Madelyne Tatham

Junior’s movie: The Sandlot


When new kid Scott Smalls, portrayed by Ethan Hamm,’20, moves into town, he attempts to make friends with the local baseball sandlot hero Benny Rodriguez, played by Logan Lewis. Over the summer of 1962, sandlot team get into trouble and bond along the way.

Producers: Braden Bell & Shauna Howard

Cinematography: Wesley Hinton & Blake Deffenbacher

Writer: Shauna Howard

Editor: Braden Bell

Senior’s movie: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes


Earth’s mightiest heroes like Captain America, played by Sam Cross,’19 and Hawkeye, played by Reece Trevino,’19, band together to defeat their greatest foe yet, the mad titan Thanos, played by Darrin Williams,’19.

Producer: Kyle Friesen

Cinematography & editor: Kyle Friesen

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