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Macie Thompson, Alina Davila excel on softball diamond

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Thompson plans to graduate this upcoming May as she has attended Fresno Christian since first grade.

The dirt leveled out, bases set up and the line up in place. As the girls warm up their arms, they get into the zone to beat their opponent.

The softball team finished 9-10 last season with plans to continue a winning season this year. Two seniors lead the team, Macie Thompson and Alina Davila as they both played softball in past years.

Thompson participated in sports at a very young age, starting in third grade. She played basketball, track, soccer, volleyball and cheer in fifth and sixth grade. Thompson continues to strive and better her basketball skill as she reached 1000 points in her previous basketball career.

Mother of Thompson, Dawn Thompson, shares how excited she is to see Macie in the next chapter of her life as well as her enjoyment when watching Macie.

courtesy Macie Thompson

Macie Thompson, ’19, during a soccer game running to the goal to score in third grade.

“I’ve enjoyed watching Macie on the softball field,” Dawn said. “She is a pretty good player, but most of all she has a good time. She cheers on her team on and off the field and is a hustler. Macie’s dad and I can not wait to see what God’s going to do in her life. She is excited for the next chapter even though it is hard to move on.”

Softball came later for Thompson as she started the sport her freshman year of high school, and played three out of the four years. Thompson shares what she hopes for this softball season and her most embarrassing moment.  

“For my last softball seasons I hope for the team not only to do well, but to have a blast,” Thompson said. “My most embarrassing moment was in the dugout and I had to toss a ball to the umpire. Instead of tossing the back, not knowing I chucked it at him way to hard and he kept joking about it the rest of the game.”

Being active as a child came easy to Thompson as she swam at her grandmother’s house regularly, rode dirt bikes in the desert with her family, and went camping almost every weekend. Thompson played with her cousins and three siblings non-stop, whether that be playing spy in the back yard or random games they would make up out of pure childhood fun.

Head coach for two years now, David Davila shares why he loves coaching at FC and how it is rewarding with how the seniors on the team lead their teammates.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Davila plans to continue her education in town, at Fresno State.

“I love coaching at FC, number one, is because this is a great Christian school,” Davila said. “Second would be the positive environment. Coaching here at FC has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me because all the girls have been great to coach.”

Davila continues to share how the seniors are leaders on the team.

“I watch both girls help their teammates whenever they see someone struggle with what they are doing,” Davila said. “Macie brings leadership to the outfield because she is the center outfielder. Alina is also a leader, she can play any infield position. She leads most of the team after the practices and games.”

As a starting four year varsity softball shortstop, senior Alina Davila leads the team by lifting her teammates up while they are in offense and defense. Alina started playing sports at a very young age and continues to participate in sports such as, tennis, basketball, softball, and cheer.

courtesy Alina Davila

Alina Davila (pink) began playing softball at a young age.

On her free time Alina loves watching movies with her younger brother, Joseph. While super busy Alina also participated in ensemble, worship team, and mentors a little sister in sister to sister

Alina Davila shares why she enjoys playing sports and what she is expecting for her last softball season.

“I like doing sports because it teaches me leadership, accountability, and hard work,” Alina said. “Not only does it teach me these but it keeps me active and healthy. The competitive side of it is also a thrill. I hope that we will win league and make it to Valley championships.”

Alina recalls her favorite memory from last year during playoffs. She says that everyone had very good hits and played way better than expecting. Another memorable moment happened when Alina ran to the dugout thinking it was the third out but really it was only the second.

Softball pitcher, junior Jordan Boyer explains how the seniors on the team display positive attitudes, setting the tone for the rest of the team.

Her father and coach, David Davila shares his thoughts on Alina as she is a senior and this being her last softball season.

“It is always bittersweet when you have a senior playing her last sport of each season,” David said. “Especially when this is her last sport of the year. I am excited for her next chapter in life as her two older sisters have been doing well in their next chapter of life. She will have them to look up to and continue on with her life.”

Macie Thompson and Alina Davila continue to work together and are teammates not only in sports but in academics and arts. They play together on sports such as, basketball in the fall and softball in the spring since sophomore year when Alina transferred to Fresno Christian from Caruthers. As each of them sing on worship team and ensemble together, and have won many awards on each team they have been apart of.

As the seniors begin to make their final decision on what college they will be attending and get their acceptance letters in the mail, Macie Thompson plans to attend Fresno State, following in her father’s footsteps. She will be majoring in business administration entrepreneurship. As well as Macie, Alina Davila plans to stay in town and attend FSU and her major is undeclared.

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