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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

The Feather staff tours the property of Warner Bros. Studio in two separate groups, April 24.

The Feather departs from the hotel at 6:30 a.m. for a deluxe private studio tour at Warner Bros. as the first activity on The Feather Anaheim trip, April 24.

During the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, the group explores behind the scenes in studios and other aspects of the film company in Burbank California.

The tour mainly focuses on the production side of the movies to help visitors understand the stages it takes to produce a film.

They were able to view and explore different stage buildings of movies or shows currently on hiatus.

Warner Bros. covers multiple different branches of entertainment. The Feather staff is able to experience the production side of the $85.4 billion net worth company and learn about all the types of entertainment. Animation, motion pictures, television, technology, DC entertainment, interactive entertainment, consumer products, home entertainment the CW network and digital networks are all part of the company.

The deluxe tour allows the group to experience the movie making process and view sets and soundstages. With five hours exploring within Warner Bros., the expedition consists of seeing entertainment studios, costume department archives and the prop house. These brought many productions to life.

Due to privacy of films currently in the making, such as the show ‘All-American’, and ‘Lethal Weapon’, photoghraphs and videos where not permitted in certain areas.

The deluxe private studio tour provided the group with breakfast and lunch and ended at @friends Central Perk coffee house.

For a full tour wrap-up, including plenty of production fun facts, look to later this week.

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Slideshow images below show Feather members during the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, April 24.

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