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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Feather journalists pose for a picture after an interview with Jerry Dyer, Fresno’s Chief of Police, Feb. 20.

Families, friends, alumni, and supporters of Fresno Christian will gather for the 36th annual FCS auction, March 9. This year’s theme, ‘Going Places’ focuses on the school’s future and ways students contribute to their communities.

The legacy of Fresno Christian continues to have an impact on the school’s vision for the future.  The dream for a quality Christian school for Fresno began in 1970 when pastors and educational leaders met with a united vision to consider the possibility of establishing a Christian school. Seven churches in the Fresno area agreed to set aside denominational differences to support the vision for a school that would not compromise God’s word, or settle for anything less than the pursuit of excellence in the classroom.

Classes began in 1977 with 135 students in grades K-6. Today ​over 600​ students are enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Since then Fresno Christian has sent more than ​98% of its students to 89​ colleges around the world, including ​Harvard and Oxford.

Leading up to the auction, The Feather traveled around the city interviewing many influential people, including Bob Whalen, Jerry Dyer, Lee Brand, and Paul Loeffler.  They offered their thoughts about the effect that Christian education and youth has on the city and in current society.

Jerry Dyer, the Police Chief of Fresno acknowledges the impact Christians can have on the city and encourages alumni to support the school.

“I want to challenge the alumni of Fresno Christian to get behind the school, in a big way,” Dyer said. “Financially, through prayer, but what we have in Fresno through Fresno Christian is very, very special, and we don’t want to lose that.”

The following video highlights Fresno Christian’s effect on the community with local leader interviews, also starring FCS students Macie Thompson, ’19, and Rooney Silveira, ’30.

For more information about the auction and more quotes from Whalen, Dyer, Brand and Loeffler, read 36th FCS auction ‘Going Places’ highlights student involvement, March 9.

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