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Spring production on stage, April 26-27

Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Drama students prepare for the upcoming performance on the weekend of April 26.

Each elective reaches a climax of performance during the school year and for the campus drama program that is their spring performance of The Tempest. A play originally was written by William Shakespeare the drama group decided to take on this beast and perform.

The cast will consist of 15 students acting in different roles. The Tempest by Shakespeare is a play about love, magic, deception, and absolution. Set on an island near Italy, Prospero, the one-time Duke of Milan, and his beautiful daughter, Miranda, live with a sprite called Ariel and a strange wild man called Caliban.

Prospero is a magician who creates a storm, or tempest, that sets the scene for the play. In the events that follow we see a plot to murder the King of Naples, a drunken scheme to kill Prospero and a romance between Miranda and the King’s son, Ferdinand. In the end, everyone is forgiven and they all set sail for home.

The following is a tweet promoting the Shakespeare production, The Tempest, performed by the FC drama department.

This will not be the first of student performed plays directed by drama teacher, Kyle Dodson. Who is in his sixth year of teaching drama. He appreciates the student’s hard work and their drive for excellence.

Courtesy Kyle Dodson

The Tempest student directed by Colton Allen.

“I’m really anticipating it, it’s going to be a great production,” Dodson said. “The students have been putting in a lot of time and effort. It’s Shakespeare and so there’s a lot of hurdles that come with having to memorize and perform and the students have been doing a fantastic job at really tackling it head on and not being scared of it.”

Preparation for this program began back in November of 2018 when they first had auditions. Once that was finished Dodson started rehearsals in January.

The productions are directed by Kyle Dodson and student director Colton Allen. They will be shown in the SMC Auditorium. Kids will be charged three dollars and adults five.

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