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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Students in economics look at their rank position out of the class for their stimulate stock exchange project, April 2.

Seniors work on managing their stimulate stock exchanges as a project for economics in teacher Robert Foshee’s class, April 2.

They use the website Investopedia and create an account on the stimulate, my game section on the page.

Each student starts out with $100,000 in their account. From there, seniors pick and choose stock they think will do best over the next few weeks. Some popular stock students purchase are Starbucks, Chipotle, Target and Johnson and Johnson. 

Currently in 1st place is Shoujian Huang (Micheal) with $156,913.65, followed by Jiaxi Ou (Emily) in 2nd place with $124,988.00. 

One motivational goal to help students succeed in the assignment is extra credit if they make more money than security guard Daniel Jessing (Bulldog). Jessing also participates in the activity to set a bar for students to reach by passing him in the rankings.

The purpose of the project gives seniors an understanding of stock trading strategies. This ties together with their unit on ‘Business Organizations and Economic Institutions’. The chapter covers the different types of business organizations of a sole proprietorship, partnership and corporations. They learn pros and cons of each one and their functions.

Seniors learn not only how to manage and buy stock but also how to run a business through their previous project: Econ Fair. Here the class divided into small groups to create, design and produce a project. The groups sold products such as tri-tip, cookie dough, t-shirts and fries to high school and junior high students during lunch.

Another assignment the class tackled was the Budget Project. For a week and a half, the class prepared a monthly budget as if they were an adult. Basic guidelines were given in a rubric to help the teens create a realistic budget. In this alternate life, they were required to have a house or apartment, buy groceries, pay bills and other necessary means that they would need in a regular month.

These projects prepare seniors post-graduation as they enter adult life and college.

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