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Paige Provost | The Feather Online

Photojournalism editors, Kaylie Clem and Julia Fikse, explain the beneficial feature of Instagram during their session ‘Enhance the ‘gram’, during the JEA/NSPA conference, April 26.

Kicking off the first day at the 2019 NSPA Spring Conference, Feather staff members begin to teach different sessions, April 26.

Feather staff and advisers are given the opportunity to teach eight sessions during the JEA/NSPA conference during two days, April 26-27.

Starting the first session, editors-in-chief Alex Rurik, Sam Cross, and Kamryn Schultz speak about the expectations of an editor on The Feather Online team with the session, ‘From the top down: Editor-in-chief’.

Feather adviser, Kori Friesen, teaches the second session alongside senior photojournalism editors Kaylie Clem and Julia Fikse called ‘The image as a hook’. Friesen discusses capturing emotion in a picture to tell the full story and draw the reader in. Clem and Fikse explain the characteristics of a feature image, and how to choose the best picture for what you are writing.

Throughout the day, Feather staff visit many different classes taught by others. With many classroom available, there were a variety of subjects talked about.

Clem and Fikse also teach a class called ‘Enhance the ‘gram’, which discusses tips and tricks used day to day by The Feather photojournalists. They discuss techniques to maximize the elements of using Instagram for marketing purposes.

If you got to sit in on one of our sessions, let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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NSPA Spring Conference Day 1

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