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Campus finishes year with convocation, shared worship

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Every year the National Day of Prayer occurs on the first Thursday of May.

As the school year finishes up, grades K-12 unite as one student body to celebrate the 2019 National Day of Prayer, May 2. Officially starting in 1952, the day of prayer was signed into law by Former President Harry S. Truman. The all-school chapel also serves as the end-of-year convocation before graduation, May 23.

Teaching at FCS for over 20 years, leadership advisor and history teacher Robert Foshee shares why he values the National Day of Prayer. According to the official website, it is estimated that over 2,000,000 people attended a prayer observance in 2018.

“I think people are already praying around the country so it is a way to unite with believers that are praying and ask God for a hand in life,” Foshee said, “and to honor him in what we are doing. Since this year’s theme is ‘Love One Another’, we should pray on our own and pray together, so for kindergartners to high schoolers to see we believe the same things, it’s valuable.”

This year’s theme of “Love One Another” will be exemplified through worship and prayer readings by students across multiple grades. For the National Day of Prayer, students will be leading worship in the courtyard before school at 7 a.m.

The following tweet from The White House, features President Donald Trump speaking at a dinner the night before the National Day of Prayer.

Caleigh Alday, ‘21, shares why it is important to pray now more than ever. The National Day of Prayer is also celebrated across the nation with over 30,000 official observances.

National day of prayer benefits Fresno Christian because it highlights our school and what FCS stands for,” Alday said. “Praising God is a privilege in schools now, and it’s awesome FC is able to do that. The value of national prayer day is knowing that we can come together as a community and acknowledge God”

Junior high bible teacher, Melanie Portwood shares why she believes bringing the whole school together is beneficial.

It is a wonderful thing when the older,” Portwood said, “maybe more spiritually mature students are being an example for the younger students and then the younger students can have a newfound boldness while praying with other people that they look up to and share  a common goal with.”

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

During the all-school chapel, the worship team leads the school in song.

Attending many convocations, Alday has always attended FCS and enjoys the feeling of community and family involvement during the event.

I loved last years day of prayer because even some of the families came together and united as a whole,” Alday said. “That is such a blessing that we can come and unite as one! I was impacted by last year’s National Day of Prayer because I felt God tell me to encourage others that don’t know the Lord and to go to church or meet with people who guide in that way.”

The National Day of Prayer chapel will be held in the Peoples Church main auditorium, starting at 9:30 a.m. A before-school worship will take place in the courtyard at 7 a.m. Families of students are welcome to attend the 9:30 chapel.  Northpark Community Church is also having multiple events in honor of National Prayer Day, the first of which is being held at the Clovis City Hall at 12 p.m.

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National Day of Prayer – All-School Chapel 2019

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