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This article is the fourth of the new series entitled “Sports Records”. For the last article, read Sports Records Series: Baseball. Follow The Feather for more articles in the series as they are published.

Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Alina Davila swings at the ball in hopes of advancing to the bases.

As the pitcher winds up to throw a strike, the batters hands grasp the bat tighter as they prepare to hit ball and advance to the bases.  Moving from the West Sequoia League into the East Sierra League, the softball team competes for the Valley Champions title.

The softball team began their season with 11 players, consisting of two freshmen, four sophomores, three juniors and two seniors. After losing five seniors from last year’s team,  this year’s upcoming players fill in their spots and aim to play the best that they can.

New member of the team, Ellie Scully, ’21, explains why she enjoys playing softball and her favorite thing about playing at Fresno Christian.

“I have been playing softball since fourth grade,” Scully said. “My favorite thing is playing on a team, playing in warm weather and having fun. My favorite thing about playing at Fresno Christian is making new friends that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise and having something to do on my free time. I am looking forward to making new friends, having fun and winning games.”

The team is currently coached by David Davila, while being assisted by his daughters Katie and Juliette Davila. While David’s oldest daughters help him coach the team, his two youngest daughters, Alina Davila, ’19, and freshman Makayla Davila, ‘22, play on the field.

Steve Villines also coaches the team, as well as maintaining the softball diamond. Villines also receives the opportunity to coach his daughter, Hannah Villines, ’21, as she plays catcher for her team.

Since the softball team is currently in their season, their statistics were not entered in the running for the overall records.

The following infographic shows the records for softball.

Sports Records: Softball by Megan LeBlanc

Three players on the team tied the records for home runs, Macie Thompson, ’19, Alina, and Makayla.

Starting softball her freshman year, Thompson played three out of her four years in high school. Thompson talks about her excitement for tying a record and explains how she remembers the moment one of her hits went over the fence.

“I was super excited to hear that I was tied with the record”, Thompson said. “I though it was cool that I was even close to beating it. When I hit my home run I was really just happy I hit the ball. I did not even know that it was a home run until I got to second base and when I ran to home plate, my whole team was there cheering me on and that made me feel really special. It was an overall awesome experience.

In the following podcast, Makayla Davila talks about her home run and why she is excited about tying a record.

This author received all information and statistics on the MaxPreps website. If any data needs to be changed, leave a comment and the author of this article will fix it.

This is the fourth article in the new series entitled “Sports Records’’. Follow The Feather for the next article in this series entitled Sports Records: Football.

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Slideshow images from home FC softball games.

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