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Junior League of Fresno hosts Senior Girl Athlete banquet, April 29

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

During the Senior Girl Athlete Banquet, 24 girls from various schools across the Valley were given scholarships, April 29.

As the year winds down, more and more organizations are providing scholarships to young students who show potential in different areas of life. The Junior League of Fresno hosts a Senior Girl Athlete banquet every year, choosing young women from different schools in the area to be honored with a scholarship.

Senior Kamryn Schultz was honored at the annual Senior Girl Athlete banquet, where she received a scholarship for her athletics, community service and academic involvements both in and outside of school, April 29.

She was nominated by the school’s athletic director Jonathan Penberthy and secondary principal Amy Deffenbacher.

The criteria bar was set high, and the two staff members went over a number of girls to select for the scholarship. They felt Schultz was someone that represented Fresno Christian well in all areas of her life.

“She exceeded the criteria that was given on all three levels that they were looking for: athletics, social enrollment/school activities and her grades,” Penberthy said. “In volleyball she had nearly 600 assists and 100 aces and really stood out in the classroom. Her GPA ranks at or near the top of her class, and her involvement with the school really set her apart.”

Her volleyball coach Kit Maddox watched Schultz grow in her athletic ability during the season as well as her attitude and positivity towards others.

“Kamryn would lead our team in prayer and after games she would lead both teams in prayer,” Maddox said. “We believe she has a great attitude and is a high character athlete.”

Schultz received a $400 scholarship, a medallion and small gifts from organizations that sponsored the event, such as Kuppa Joy and Maw n’ Paw BBQ.

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For those who want to reach Kamryn Schultz, she can be reached via email and Twitter.

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