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Campus performer recognized for dance routine

Caleigh Alday receives the title of Miss Dance 2019 at Kar Dance competition at the Fresno Saroyan Theater. For her solos Alday received top scores in the first category and a $500 scholarship with an extra $100 in spending money.

The Kar Dance competition brings many different dance groups from novice to elite groups to compete in their own divisions, each team prepares a routine to show during the event.

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Caleigh Alday wins Miss Dance in her intermediate dance bracket, and $500 in scholarship money.

Director of the competition at the Saroyan Theater this year was Pytron Parker, a Artistic Director for the Gainesville Ballet Company.

Diane Callahan founded the Gainesville School of Ballet in 1969, and a principal dancer with the Atlanta Ballet for ten years. Callahan speaks on this years director of the event Pytron Parker.

“I have hired Pytron Parker for the last seven years to both teach and choreograph,” Callahan said on “She has worked with many younger dancers, ages eleven to fourteen years as well as the company’s most advanced dancers, which include college dance majors. Besides having amazing choreographic talent, she is one of the most inspiring, thoughtful, and kind people the company hires.”

Alday’s team The Clovis Academy of Dance had many different routines prepared, a number of them placing in the top ranks or winning their bracket of competition.

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Alday performs her dance solo “I’ll Keep You Safe”. She received  the highest score you can receive from the judges.

“It’s nerve racking being out there by yourself but when you love it it’s not as bad,” Alday said. “Pressure of competing against lots of soloist is intimidating but you have a job to do so you have to put on your game face and kill it.”

With Alday performance of the routine “I’ll Keep You Safe” awarded her the Miss Dance honor and a scholarship award. 

“For my solo my coach runs through the whole routine,” Alday said. “You stretch and prepare for about an hour and a half. You listen to the music and make sure you’re hitting your turns and choreography at the right time.”

Her award of Miss Dance is based on her performance as a soloist, personality, and execution on and off the dance the floor. The next dance competition is Thunderstruck, May 17,  at Saroyan theater in Fresno.

For more on Alday’s performance, watch the dance routine she performed. For more on Alday’s dance career, read Caleigh Alday excels in dance competitions.

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