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Senior player finishes last golf season on top

The golf season comes to an end and FC golf team members reminisce over a season of victories and losses. In his 12th season of high school golf, senior Jonah Lozano strives to grow in his skill and develop friendships with his teammates.

Being one of the most skilled golfers on the team, Jonah plays in the higher competition for high school. At every practice, second-year FC golf coach Brent Deffenbacher offers correction and encouragement as seniors compete in their final season.

“My favorite memories playing golf have been out at Valley Golf Center with the team and just having fun in the summer practices,” Lozano said. “I don’t really do much outside of sports for hobbies. I play a couple sports for fun, but that’s about it.”

Deffenbacher pours himself into his athletes through his knowledge as a coach and as a past player. He acknowledges the benefits of the sport and encourages his players to see them, too.

Paige Provost | The Feather Online

Jonah Lozano practices golf at a driving range in New York.

“I love being outside and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation,” Deffenbacher said. “The friendships made on the golf course are incredibly fulfilling. Competing against not only yourself but your playing partners keeps golf not only fun, but personally rewarding.”

Fellow teammate and competitor Zane Munoz, ’21, appreciates bonding with teammates during practice and matches. He recalls memories with the range from uneventful fun to one player’s mistake.

“One of the most memorable times was during last season when Matthew Peterson hit a golf ball and it landed on a house with a loud bang right on the roof,” Munoz said. “We didn’t know what to do, because it was one of the really big houses.”

Lozano’s mother Alicia Lozano supports him in his journey through injury and strife. Alicia observes her son’s growth throughout his athletic career.

“Jonah has physically and mentally become stronger over the years, thanks to the guidance of the wonderful coaches in football and weight training,” Alicia said. “Mr. Fuller has single-handedly worked with Jonah and taught him lessons that Jonah internalized. These lessons are outwardly displayed in Jonah’s work ethic, dietary choices and physical appearance. I am grateful to Mr. Fuller and the coaching staff for their level of commitment to Jonah and the other students they work with.”

In the following podcast, Cohl Obwald interviews Lozano about his golf career.

Alicia and Lozano are alike in their enjoyment of physical activity. They often share how hard they worked out that day and challenge one another to work harder.

“I love that he will immediately share his personal successes in athletics,” Alicia said, “whether a PB (personal best) time, or PB weight achieved. He is athletic and can do many positions within the same sport, which proves his versatility, true athleticism and flexibility.”

Unlike most sports, golf is played competitively many years past college. It is also one of the few individual sports one can play while still being on a team. Deffenbacher shares his insight on Jonah’s skill for the future.

Paige Provost | The Feather Online

Jonah played many sports during his high school career including football, golf, and baseball.

“Unlike football and baseball,” Deffenbacher said, “Jonah will be able to play golf for the next 40 to 50 years. Jonah is an athlete with great hand-eye coordination, physical strength and mental stamina. Most importantly, Jonah loves the game of golf and has become a student of the game as well. I believe Jonah’s love of the game and physical skill set will make him marketable to be able to play golf at the collegiate level.”

After high school, Jonah plans to continue playing golf at Fresno City College where he strives to achieve the level of skill to make him eligible for a transfer to a division one school.

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