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Campus students share Mother’s Day memories

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Julie Rurik (left) supports her son Alex Rurik, ’19, at games throughout the soccer season.

A national day of honor that celebrates mothers and commemorates maternal bonds, Mother’s Day brings families from around the globe together to appreciate motherhood and lavish mothers with flowers and gifts of all kinds. 

Reflecting back on his sophomore year when he tore his ACL and meniscus due to basketball, Sukhman Cheema, ‘19, appreciates having his mother’s support through the process and her care as he recovered.

“I told my mom that I was injured and she became upset,” Cheema said. “She was so supportive throughout the entire process of me getting back to one hundred percent. She took me to my surgery at five in the morning, and was there when I woke up. She was constantly with me through the entire process, and I don’t think I would be where I am without her.

“For Mothers Day, we usually go out for dinner and I try to get her a present and some flowers,” Cheema continued. “I don’t remember ever having to miss a Mothers Day, it’s always been so important.”

Many people hold to an old belief that Mother’s Day was developed as a commercial holiday by Hallmark for the purpose of making money. Though the holiday has been advertised through Hallmark, the day’s origin lies with a daughter wanting to honor her mother on a certain day. According to National Retail Federation, 84% of consumers planned their gifts ahead of time, and an estimated 25 billion is expected to be spent this year. 

In the following podcast, Mackenzie Beckworth talks with Skylar Higginbotham about memories with her mother.

Taking piano lessons since six years of age, David Tuck, ‘22, owes his motivation to play and to pursue piano to his mother.

“My mom started teaching me piano lessons at home at six years old,” Tuck said. “Through tears of frustration, she would keep encouraging me to keep going. Nearly ten years later, I wouldn’t be the pianist I am today if it weren’t for the early developmental years when she poured into me.

“Every year,” Tuck continued, “my family of nine will meet with my grandparents, from both sides, to go to lunch after church. Our favorite place to go is Dicicco’s, and sometimes my siblings and I make cards for our mom and grandmothers.”

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

The Moms in Prayer group meets weekly to pray and strengthen their faith in Christ.

With the popular and traditional cards that Hallmark and other companies provide, more gift categories develop as people plan to do more than just buy flowers. Children and spouses gift personal services such as massages or manicures. Statistics show that the more unique the gift, the happier the mother is.

Skylar Higginbotham, ’22, shares how her and her mother grew to be best friends and the appreciation she has for the openness between them.

“It’s the small moments,” Higginbotham said. “It’s all in those moments where we’re just sitting at home, and we talk about things and it’s all so open. We can be honest with each other. We also go on a lot of road trips to the beach and to the zoo together.”

“The tradition is usually going out to lunch with my dad’s parents, and we get them presents,” Higginbotham continued. “I don’t think we’ve ever missed a Mother’s Day.”

What gifts do you plan on buying for this Mother’s Day? Do you have a favorite memory with your mom? Share in the comments below!

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