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Danielle Foster | The Feather Online

Seniors (from left to right) Griffin Schmidt, Brandon Brogan, Suki Cheema, Landon Goldsborough and Shoujian(Michael) Huang pose together after their last basketball game as high school students.

Reflecting on their campus careers, some members of the class of 2019 look back to their previous years at the school, as well as look forward to their futures away from the campus.

This year’s senior class has 10 lifers, students who have attended FCS from kindergarten all the way through the end of their senior year.

Lifer and homecoming king, Kyle Friesen reflects on his years at FCS.

“Fresno Christian has been full of some awesome friends and great experiences,” Friesen said. “I appreciate my time here.”

Many students leave the campus with high accolades and accomplishments leading them into college. Alex Rurik a lifer, Homecoming prince, and editor-in-chief of The Feather and male athlete of the year, is going on to another private school for college, attending Westmont College Honors in the fall.

Seven seniors were asked to reflect on their high school experience, reminiscing on unforgettable sports championships, school trips and embarrassing stories. For as memories as the seniors have, they have just as many ambitions, looking to the future with excitement.

The following video features many students of the class of 2019 reflecting on their time at Fresno Christian.

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