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Paige Provost | The Feather Online

Derek DeGroot, ’22, presents his speech to the class for the semester final, May 15.

Freshmen students write speeches to present in Kyle Dodson’s English 9 class for the end of the year final, May 15.

Students begin their speeches by picking a topic from a list. Preparing for a week, students use notecards to guide them throughout the speech.

Olivia Tucker, ‘22, shares the ways she benefited from and the challenges she faced with this assignment.

“This was a super fun project, it taught me how to public speak and taught me not to be afraid or intimidated in front of a crowd,” Tucker said. “My favorite part was learning the different styles and ways you can public speak to make your speech affect the audience. The hardest part was definitely coming up with what points I wanted to use because I had so many ideas and I wasn’t sure how to put it all down on paper with just five points.”

English 9 and 11 teacher, Kyle Dodson, has taught at Fresno Christian for five years. Dodson also teaches elementary, JH and high school drama.

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