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Ethan Hamm

Kyle Dodson discusses the challenges of being a young teacher. Dodson continues on to another school to grow in both knowledge and experience.

For five years, Kyle Dodson has taught 9th and 11th English, bringing a life and energy never seen before on the Fresno Christian campus. Dodson’s energy made him the natural fit for the arts, growing up in the theater.

Dodson’s father was the director for his church’s theater program for children, passing his passion for theater to his young son. Dodson was five years old when appearing in his first play, instantly finding his voice through performing. Dodson continued his acting into high school, starring in lead roles for Buchanan High School in productions such as Plaza Suite and My Fair Lady.

Dodson’s love of drama carried over into college, majoring in English and becoming an English teacher. After working at different public high schools as a long-term substitute teacher, Dodson was hired as an English teacher for Fresno Christian Schools, teaching 9th and 11th grade English and later lending his theater skills to teaching  junior high and high school drama.

Dodson now looks ahead to the future, traveling over to Clovis Unified as an English-drama teacher for Clovis West, fusing both his strengths to move into the next chapter of his life.

In the video below you can see the full interview with Kyle Dodson.

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