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Volleyball, tennis, and football teams gear up for new season

Danielle Foster | The Feather Online

Senior Megan LeBlanc jump serves during a home game, Oct. 12.

As FC students heads into the school’s 43rd year, they readjust to school schedules and responsibilities. Extracurriculars, clubs, and sports start up as everyone works to balance their schedules. 

Next week, fall sports including tennis, football and volleyball kick off their season with their first games. Each team gears up mentally and physically for their matches as each sport utilized summer break to practice.

The volleyball team made it to playoffs last year, but lost the first playoff game, ending the season. The JV and varsity girls volleyball teams face Immanuel High School for the first game of the season, Tuesday, Aug. 20. 

Middle hitter Kayla Vanderlinden, ’20, shares her excitement for the volleyball season as she steps into a leadership role on the team. 

“I am so excited for this year because it is my last volleyball season,” Vanderlinden said. “I can’t wait to see what this season holds because we lost many seniors that were very important aspects of the team. But we also got quite a few new players to fill those spots. I am also looking forward to playoffs and hoping to win it all this year!”

Along with volleyball, the girls tennis team plays their first game against Immanuel, Aug. 20. The week leading up to their match, tennis practices were filled with ranking matches. The players of the team challenge their teammates to see where they will be ranked for the season. 

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Blake Burdan, ’20, runs down the field during a Friday night home football game, Nov. 5.

Third-year tennis player Hannah Villines shares what motivates her to play tennis and what she is looking forward to this season. 

“I enjoy playing tennis because I love the competitive aspect and the fact that the team always becomes a family,” Villines said. ” I am looking forward to this season because I am hoping to continue to strengthen my skills, and to be a leader this year.”

Athletic director Jon Penberthy explains why he is looking forward to sports starting up again.

“It’s a new year, meaning new players and new positions for past players,” Penberthy said. “I love watching students play and seeing the athletic ability God has given them. I also enjoy making relationships with the student athletes and getting to know them while they are playing the sport they love.”

In the following tweet, sports team prepare for their first games against Immanuel, Aug. 20.

Friday night football games begin Friday, Aug. 23. The varsity football team takes on Sierra High School after a summer of practicing and prepping for the season. The team anticipates new challenges as they lost ten seniors and gained seven freshman this year.

For more information on volleyball, tennis and football schedules, make sure to check out the FCS calendar.

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