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Senior guides team toward postseason

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Jayna Roseno began her athletic career by playing soccer in elementary school.

While under the Fresno sun, the doubles tandem of Jayna Roseno, ‘20, and Hannah Villines, ‘21, began the next game of their September match.

Roseno stepped up to the service line and widened her stance. She lobbed the ball in the air and pounded it toward the opposing service square. Just as it neared the square, the green sphere collided with the back of Villines’ head. This is just one moment that remains Roseno’s favorites from her years on the tennis team.

Growing up, Roseno participated in most sports available each season. This included soccer, badminton and track. While attending Buchanan High School her freshman year, Roseno competed in the badminton Valley Championship as a doubles competitor.

The summer prior to that, in eighth grade, Jayna first considered tennis at the suggestion of her dad. Her father, Dave Roseno introduced the idea due to her previous success in badminton. Dave  recalls how his daughter valued the competition presented to her in the new sport.

“She kind of did the badminton thing and then got into tennis by accident,” said Dave. “She did badminton, because her older sister did and it seemed fun. And then when fall sports came around I said, ‘Man you should try tennis, you’re really good at badminton’ and she said, ‘alright, why not?’ And we went out, she liked it, and there was competition. She wasn’t very good at it at first and she had to grow in the sport, but that’s what she enjoys, the ability to improve.”

The following tweet features a picture highlighting the Eagles victory over Sierra High School at their home match.

Jayna never intended to join the tennis team, however, her father presented the sport to her for fun. After deciding to play tennis while in high school, Roseno recognizes that her father became her biggest supporter.

“You know, I actually never wanted to play tennis,” Roseno said. “My dad introduced it to me just for fun, and then once I played my first year I realized I enjoyed it. My dad has been my biggest supporter. He takes me out on the tennis courts and even though he doesn’t play, he makes it a priority for him to learn about the sport and help me get better.”

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Jayna Roseno, ’20, credits her father, Dave Roseno as her biggest supporter after picking up tennis as an eighth grader.

While on the court, Roseno developed a love for the relationships created on the team and the memories created together. While she values the time with her teammates, she believes her serves set her apart from opponents.

“I love it, it’s fun to be with the girls,” Roseno said. “I love having those one-on-one matches to know how good I’m personally doing, versus a team sport where it’s just a whole team. I like to know how I am doing compared to everyone else. I would say my serves have become my signature move, I have a different serve than most people have.”

In 8th grade, Roseno began as the No. 1 player on the junior varsity tennis team for Alta Sierra. After developing her game throughout the year, she earned the final spot on the varsity team.

The next year, while at Buchanan, she earned the No. 8 spot on junior varsity and worked her way into the top six her sophomore year. After joining the FC team in her junior year, Roseno continued learning and attained the No. 1 seed. In her second and final season, she looks to play in the No. 2 spot.

In the following podcast, Kyle Clem interviews Jayna Roseno as she discusses how she began playing tennis and what she enjoys most about being a part of the team.

Roseno remains one of the top players on the team and also competes in doubles matches. Hannah Villines remains a favorite partner to play with due to her energy on the court. Villines also appreciates her time with Roseno on the court due to the skill and encouragement she provides to the team.

“Not only does Jayna bring her unbelievable skill and knowledge to the team,” Villines said, “but she also brings the most amazing joy and encouragement out of anyone. I’m really looking forward to this last year of bonding that I’ll be able to have with Jayna. She never fails to make me smile and I look forward to it every day.”

Avery Jones | The Feather Online

During her senior season, Roseno is set to compete at the top of the ladder for the Eagles this year.

Since joining the team in the fall of 2018, Roseno has worked with head coach Daniel Jessing and assistant coach Robert Foshee. Jessing values the competitiveness and humility Roseno provides to the team. Since meeting her, Jessing recalls how she has continued to develop and improve so rapidly.

“Jayna’s become one of our top players and team leaders since joining,” Jessing said. “She’s an extremely hard worker and happens to be one of the most coachable athletes you will see at the high school level. She’s always looking to improve and help others improve. Every aspect of her game has improved so much over the last year, but more than anything, it has been her willingness and ability to add new shots to her game, making her a very dangerous player to go against.”

In addition to tennis, Roseno also plays soccer for the campus team and works with teammate Rylee Schwab, ‘21 as a speed and agility trainer. For their next game, girls tennis plays Kern Valley at home, Sep. 12.

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