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Multi-talented student interested in medical career

Courtesy Karoline Sandberg

Sandberg visited Disneyland with her hosts, The Davila Family during the summer.

Coming from Denmark to the United States, sophomore Karoline Sandberg looks forward to the many different holidays, traditions and cultural events that America has to offer. In hopes of improving her English and meeting new people, Sandberg views her immersion experience as an opportunity to learn.

With her English improving everyday and becoming confident in it, Sandberg’s adjustment to America proves to be easy for her.

“It has been good, it was surprisingly easy for me to adjust,” Sandberg said. “People were very welcoming. I have already improved my English and got to know myself better, I am enjoying it.”

Sandberg hopes to celebrate many of the different American holidays and wonders how hectic they become. While Sandberg is here, she wishes to go all-out during the country’s different celebrations.

“I am looking forward to the holidays the most,” Sandberg said. “I’ve heard that Americans go all-in on holidays with crazy Christmas decorations and Halloween. I don’t have a lot of things I’m looking forward to right now because of this whole experience. Going to the states was what I was looking forward to for so long, so I am living the life I was looking forward to.”

For the duration of her stay, Sandberg is staying with the Davila family and attends school with Makayla Davila, ’22, and Joseph Davila, ’27.  She enjoys different experiences with them, either at theme parks or hanging with their family and friends. 

“I love them and they have been so kind and open with me and I love being there,” Sandberg said. “They are a family that like to do a lot of stuff and so we have been to Disneyland, Universal Studios, boating and a lot more. 

“Also just hanging with their cousins and the rest of the family is really fun,” Sandberg continued. “As an exchange student that is the most important thing. You have to live with these people for 10 months so you have to get along, and I must say I have been very lucky.”

The following podcast features Kyler Garza interviewing Sandberg on her life in Denmark and how music plays an important part in her life.

At FCS, Sandberg participates in choir and home economics where she is able to socialize and meet other students. Sandberg’s favorite part of home economics consists of the cooking and baking they are able to engage in.

“I really like choir and home-economy,” Sandberg said. “Those are the fun classes and also where you get to socialize the most. It’s fun and relaxing and I like music and cooking so it’s great.”

Interested in both heart and brain surgery, Sandberg is considering performing surgery and discovering them more in depth with further education. She hopes to find an opportunity to learn more about it through science as the years go on.

“I’m in between the heart or brain surgeon,” Sandberg said. “The brain is just so complex and interesting and there’s so much we don’t know. That’s something I’m interested in learning more about, and might want to do in the future.”

The following tweet features Sandberg participating in a 5-4 win over Mission Oaks playing as a duo on the FC girls tennis team.

With Sandberg singing since age three, her relatives influenced her to follow the family passion of music. She began private singing lessons at age 11 and pursues it ever since.

Courtesy Karoline Sandberg

Karoline Sandberg, ’22, performs with her band, TripleFunk at a local event.

“I have always sung, it has always been a part of my family,” Sandberg said. “I stuck to it because I found out that it makes me happy no matter what mood I’m in. It’s like therapy for me.”

Sandberg started her band TripleFunk four years ago, with her music serving as a creative outlet.

“I’m in a band so I sing and play the bass,” Sandberg said. “I’ve played the bass for three or four years but I’ve been singing all my life and going to choir. I also play a little piano and guitar.”

As a member of the homecoming court, Sandberg hopes to take the princess crown for the sophomore class this year during homecoming.

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