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Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Max Muñoz and Kayden Marquez recreate the board game, ‘Candyland’, promoting the upcoming 35th annual FC homecoming game on, Oct. 4.

The 35th annual FC homecoming week is underway, Sept. 30-Oct. 4. The Feather would like to introduce this year’s senior court nominees with a series of ‘Get to Know You’ questions.

Seniors were paired up to highlight a popular board game, a part of the 2019’s theme. Today’s couple is Kayden Marquez and Max Muñoz and the board game they represent is Candyland

This year’s theme, ‘Homecoming Game On’, will be held at 6 p.m., Oct. 4. Campus student leadership has chosen to support the Pregnancy Care Center, Fresno, as the local non-profit who will benefit from funds raised during homecoming night. 

History on the game Candy land; invented by Eleanor Abbott in 1948, during the time Abbott suffered from Polio, and was being treated in San Diego, California. Abbott designed the game for children who also suffered from Polio, and first introduced to those being held in the same hospital as her. Through this the game became a hit.

Encourage by her friends, Abbott sent her idea to Milton Bradley, 1949 the company introduced Candy Land. For over 50 years, Hasbro has manufactured Candy Land along with producing other versions of the game.


Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Kayden Marquez has attended Fresno Christian since first grade.

Introducing, Kayden Marquez 

#1 on your bucket list?

Travel the world with friends and ones I love 

Hollywood crush?

Post Malone 

If you could change your name- what would you choose? 

Kover or spell it Kden

Favorite Bible Verse?

1 Timothy 4:8 

If you were stranded on an island which one Disney Character would you hope to have with you? why?

Flynn Rider, he was a professional robber so he knows his tricks. 


Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Max Muñoz is a lifer here at Fresno Christian.

Introducing, Max Munoz 

If you could eat at only 1 fast food restaurant for life… where?


Hidden talent?

Acting/ Improve 

What grade did you come to Freno Christian?


Where would you like to be in 5 years?

Hopefully, finishing up my major in business marketing, moving into fashion marketing 

Personal Hero?

My father, most generous man I know 


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