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Organization provides support to girls facing unplanned pregnancy

Addison Schultz | The Feather Online

Pregnancy Care Center, Fresno, employees discuss benefits of the center and opportunities to get involved while on campus during lunch, Oct. 2.

UPDATE Oct. 5. After the donation bottles were collected and counted, Homecoming 2019 donations totaled $611. Thank you Fresno Christian community and homecoming attendees for helping a Pregnancy Care Center, Fresno. However, donations can still be made via their Pregnancy Care Center website.

Mirroring the 2017 homecoming theme, “Homecoming for Humanity,” classes uphold the idea of serving others while engaging during the 35th annual FC homecoming festivities, Oct. 4. This year, instead of donating to four different charities, each class raises funds for Pregnancy Care Center, Fresno.

Homecoming for Humanity featured class floats based on different nonprofits and the money raised was donated to each organization.

Pregnancy Care Center, Fresno, is a medical center that provides support, medical procedures and resources for pregnant women. Medical professionals and counselors sit down with pregnant girls and women, talking them through all possible options and steps to take in their pregnancy. All discussions and processes are confidential and include parenting classes, adoption possibilities and more.

The Pregnancy Care Center’s mission statement explains the hope they have for those facing unplanned pregnancies. Their mission is “to offer help and hope to those facing unplanned pregnancies, through education, compassionate counsel, and resources; to present sexual abstinence as a positive lifestyle for singles; to provide opportunity for healing and restoration to those who have been hurt by abortion; and to present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.”

Executive Director Kristi Burkhart dedicates her life to the philosophy that Pregnancy Care Center embraces. She welcomes families and women experiencing unplanned pregnancies and provides a space to educate her community.

“I love the philosophy in how we serve our community for life,” Burkhart said. “Pregnancy Care Center provides at no charge, the practical resources, information and emotional support needed for women and men to care for themselves, and their families, and to welcome a new life into their family and into their community. We are a safe place where education and truth is offered in love and with compassionate boldness so that hope can flourish.”

The following podcast shares leadership adviser Aubri Foster’s thoughts about The Pregnancy Care Center.

Everything at the Pregnancy Care Center is provided free of charge. Burkhart explains the center’s efforts to offer resources to young singles or couples and encourage them to make fully informed decisions concerning their pregnancy.

“The goal of the center is to offer love, respect and education,” Burkhart said, “in an effort to empower women and men to make a fully informed decision regarding their pregnancy and their lifestyle. It’s a beautiful model really. One that is genuine, loving, non-judgmental in an environment that truly values and respects people and introduces them to Jesus.”

Regarding abortion, the center does not provide or refer abortions, but welcomes women back in case they choose to undergo an abortion and find themselves struggling with the decision. Their post abortion support services (PASS) offer workshops and one group classes to begin emotional healing.

Leadership adviser Aubri Foster shares her thoughts on Pregnancy Care Center’s mission and why leadership chose to support the center through homecoming this year.

Addison Schultz | The Feather Online

All discussions and processes at Pregnancy Care Center are confidential and include parenting classes and adoption possibilities.

“The Pregnancy Care Center is phenomenal,” Foster said. “They are always free and always caring. They take care of pregnant women in a confidential matter, especially our young teen community. I’m really proud of our school is taking care of them and that we’re donating towards them.”

Burkhart believes in the education of high school students about their options in the event of a pregnancy, not just for themselves, but in order to assist others.

“You are the most social and know and hear about who is involved in risky sexual behaviors,” Burkhart continued. “You know who is actually experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. When you know about fetal development and pregnancy options, including abortion, then you are prepared to stand in the gap for life and bridge those in need to Pregnancy Care Center.”

The Pregnancy Care Center also provides services for men. If men are worried their significant other is pregnant or concerned about what the next step may be, the center provides the same confidentiality and explanations of different options for men as they do for women. They also provide information about different STD’s/STI’s and provide support in those situations.

During the activities meeting a week before homecoming, the students came up with a list of nonprofits to support through the floats this year. After the list was narrowed down, The Pregnancy Care Center was at the top of the list.

In the following Instagram post, Pregnancy Care Center shares their experience on campus, discussing their program with the student body, Oct. 2.

Leadership student, Ezekiel Fuller, ‘20, views Pregnancy Care Center as a non-profit that is in the business of saving lives. He shares his perspective on why teens should be educated about their options regarding pregnancy.

“I think it’s good that we are supporting them because they can save a lot of lives in the future,” Fuller said. “I think it is definitely important to educate teens because this may slow down the abortion rates and unplanned pregnancies. I think faith should be involved because seed is a gift from God so there’s no reason to leave him out of it.”

Parents and students have the chance to donate to The Pregnancy Care Center homecoming night, Oct. 4. Each float kept a jar by the float for guests to place money in. The classes competed to see who could raise more money.

After homecoming, if you wish to donate to the Pregnancy Care Center, you can take checks in for drop-off or mail them to: 1127 E. Olive Ave. Fresno, Ca 93728. You can also donate online here.

Contact the Pregnancy Care Center at (559) 237-0683.

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